Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sean Ashe: Flux - Until the end of the day you can grab the album for 50% off

Sean Ashe

It's been two months since Flux was released, and I can't say how much I appreciate everyone who's taken time to listen to it. a lot of nice people out there in the world, that's for sure smile emoticon

To celebrate:

Until the end of the day you can grab the album for 50% off at !

Also, live studio playthroughs, music videos, and TAB/Transcriptions coming soon

Tony Hernando: Lords Of Black - II the new album details

Tony Hernando
Ronnie Romero
Tony Hernando
Andy C.
Javi GarcĂ­a

 1. Malevolently Beautiful (Intro)
  2. Merciless
  3. Only One Life Away
  4. Everything You're Not
  5. New World's Comin'
  6. Cry No More
  7. Tears I Will Be
  8. Insane
  9. Live By the Lie, Die By the Truth
  10. Ghost of You
  11. The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland
  12. Shadows of War
  13. Lady of the Lake

Lords of Black - Merciless (Official / New / Studio Album / 2016)

Just arrived!!...well, I gotta tell you, after so many records released, this still is a feeling I can't never gets old!!

And more so when you're really proud of a great job done with your bandmates Ronnie, Andy, Javi, and also Roland Grapow and the great people at Frontiers Records!!

Michael Angelo Batio: Freight Train - Nitro MORC 2016 - first time in 25 years!

I recorded Michael Angelo Batio performing "Freight Train" from his band "Nitro" on the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2016

Michael Angelo performing Freight Train on MORC East 2016

Michael Angelo Randy Rhoads tribute MORC East 2016