Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rick Wakeman, Steve Hillage, Steve Howe, William Shatner: Set To Release “Starship Trooper” Compilation

Keyboard Legend Rick Wakeman To Release “Starship Trooper” Compilation Feat. Steve Hillage, Nik Turner, Steve Howe, William Shatner and Others!

Los Angeles – On April 15th Purple Pyramid records will be releasing an out of this world collection of extraordinary performances by legendary YES keyboardist Rick Wakeman! For more than four decades Rick Wakeman has established himself as a visionary showman without peer, the creator of some of the most extravagant performances, breathtaking soloing and imaginative passages ever preserved on record, or executed on stage.

Aptly titled “Starship Trooper”, this amazing collection contains 2 previously unreleased tracks including a powerful rendition of Tool's “Sober” plus several more brilliant cover songs of The Who, Pink Floyd, and The Doors including 5 never before heard versions! The compilation also includes performances by Gong’s Steve Hillage, Yes's Billy Sherwood, Steve Howe and Tony Kaye, William Shatner, Colin Moulding, Jerry Goodman, Nik Turner, Carmine Appice and more!

“Over the last few years I have performed on many tracks as a 'guest' but never before has anybody put some of the best of those I played on into a compilation. It's always challenging to be involved in tracks of other people's music and other people's arrangements as it often makes you think and play differently and certainly on many of these tracks I play in quite an unexpected way, but there again, much of my life has been pretty unexpected anyway!” - Rick Wakeman

The liner notes were written by modern rock scholar Dave Thompson, who says of Rick Wakeman, “This most personable of superstars has made inroads into the worlds of journalism, broadcasting and acting - professions which his eye for spectacle, story telling and stylishness might well have made inevitable all along. But he also happens to be among the most gifted, visionary and brilliant performers his chosen instruments have seen.”

Track List:
1. Sober
2. Are We To Believe
3. Random Acts (Revisited)
4. Dynamics Of Delirium
5. Love Reign O'er Me
6. Crime Of The Century
7. The Great Gig In The Sky
8. I'm Not in Love
9. Starship Trooper
10. Check Point Karma
11. Change
12. Nobody Home
13. Light My Fire

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Gord Olson: Seymour Duncan - Jeff Loomis Signature Blackouts Metal Demo

Seymour Duncan artist, Gord Olson, melts all the face with the Jeff Loomis Signature Blackouts in this extreme metal demo.

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Seymour Duncan - Jeff Loomis Signature Blackouts Metal Demo Feat. Gord Olson

Sam Bell: The Pentatonic Scale In 5 Positions | Guitar Lesson | A minor

So you have learnt a few chords and a few licks but you want to know how to move your playing forward???

Pentatonic scales are a great way of learning the fretboard, this video will introduce you to the caged System, the minor scale and pentatonics in all 5 positions.

Sam Bell is your instructor for this lesson and if you love Sam's style you can check out Sam's full course on Pentatonics HERE

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The Pentatonic Scale In 5 Positions | Guitar Lesson | A minor

Bryan Baker: improvised solo with Bill Evans Band 2016

Bryan Baker: improvised solo with Bill Evans Band 2016

Bryan Baker (git) with Bill Evans Band 2016

Mike Fuller: Sean in the Snail Shell MYCELIA death metal guitar playthrough

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MYCELIA [2016] - Sean in the Snail Shell (Official Guitar Playthrough by Mike Fuller)

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