Friday, 3 June 2016

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Brute Force Canada Tour 2016

Here is a short aftermovie from our tour across the Canada with The Algorithm and Ev0lution.

Modern Day Babylon - Brute Force Canada Tour 2016

Franck Hermanny: Ibanez SR Fanned Frets Demo

Hey Guys, here's my demo video for the Ibanez SR Fanned Frets bass guitar.
Ibanez asked me for it and it was shared on their Facebook page.

I thought it would be cool to post it on my channel 1 year after ;)

Hope you like it

Give me feedback !

Ibanez SR Fanned Frets Demo

Kelly Kereliuk: The 13th Fret - lessons tab and more

Kelly Kereliuk

Being a guitar magazine collector/nerd and a voracious reader of the columns contained within, I can't help but be thrilled to have a column of my own...."The 13th Fret" found at Horror Metal Sounds!

Peruse the column index, check 'em out, and watch for a new instalment this weekend! \m/

Jason Richardson: with Luke Holland - Omni Playthrough

This is the 'OMNI' playthrough, the first glimpse of Jason Richardson's highly anticipated upcoming solo album, which will be released July 29, 2016. Pre-orders will also be available soon. Follow Jason & I's social medias to stay updated.
I had the privilege of doing drums for the entire album up at Taylor Larson's studio in January of 2016. We are all very excited to bring this album to your ears. Yes, I recorded the album with a splash cymbal, but didn't have one on my kit for the playthrough.
Pick up the TJL Drum Sample Pack we developed with Taylor Larson at Jason's online store here;
Special thanks to Ernieball, Toontrack, DW Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Remo, Vater & 1964 Ears.

Jason Richardson & Luke Holland - Omni Playthrough

Jord Otto: My Propane - Waves new single featuring ex Revamp guitarist


Dutch band MY PROPANE just released their brand new single “Waves” accompanied by a music video, shot during the recording session. The video introduces new guitarist JORD OTTO (REVAMP) and marks a new direction for the band, with a no-nonsense and aggressive sound. “Waves” will be available on all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc)

“Waves” is the first work released since their debut album “Modern Violent Gentleman” (2013) and is again produced by partner in crime JOOST VAN DEN BROEK (Epica, After Forever, Mayan). MY PROPANE is scheduled to enter the studio with him later this summer to record their second album.

After having toured together with a.o. Evergrey, Stream of Passion and ReVamp, My Propane has begun to build a reputation for a personal take on modern metal, bombastic live shows and a penchant for irony.
The new album is scheduled for release in early 2017.

More info:

John F Klaver: Blues Masterclass: Harmonic Soloing

*NEW* Blues Masterclass: Harmonic Soloing - John F Klaver!
Download Link:

Learn from award winning Dutch guitarist John F Klaver, how to play to and with the Blues chords! This masterclass will give your guitar lines focus, helping you to create interesting and modern sounding Blues solos!

A problem most guitarists face at some stage in their development is being restricted by their ability to use a wider palette of sounds in their solos. This leads to them sitting back (once again) on that trusty ol' minor pentatonic scale which as we all know, sounds awesome, but relying on one single scale/position for a full solo can get dull and stagnant.

The concepts in this masterclass will help you break free of the single scale tunnel vision often plaguing many guitarists, by helping you to understand and use a variety of other scales/devices. This will allow your solo lines to outline and cling to the harmony of the progression, as well as build upon the harmonic foundation to create and imply your own harmonic ideas.

John says 'We're playing over a Blues in G with the I IV and V chords and of course we're using pentatonic scales, but we're focusing on how to sound a little bit more modern! We're going to follow those using mixolydian, altered, arpeggios, chromatic approach tones and a little bit of octatonic, keeping the authentic feel of the blues but making it a little bit more hip! So enjoy, dig in, and thank you very much.'

The core of this masterclass is the main PDF document which includes the lessons/explanations that go along with each video. You'll find complete video/audio/TAB for 10 exercises which will lay the ground work for the course and concepts within, and give you the chance to build a basic understanding of the devices we'll be using.

Next up comes 10 longer phrases (again complete with video/audio/TAB etc) which will cement the concepts into the context of useable musical ideas.

Lastly we have a full length Blues solo. Using the full solo video/audio and complete TAB, this is your chance to put everything you've learned into practise where John shows you how the harmonic soloing ideas work in a real world situation. Alongside this is the full jam track which provides the perfect practise setting for working on your newly learned concepts and allows you the creative space to start integrating the ideas into your own solos.

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

*NEW* Blues Masterclass: Harmonic Soloing - John F Klaver!

Scott McGill: Skype Guitar Lessons - Sample Lesson - Jazz Fusion Chords

Here I demonstrate Fusion Chordal Playing reminiscent of great players such as Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth in this video sample of my Skype Guitar Lessons Sessions.

I studied ten years with the great Jazz Teacher/Composer Dennis Sandole who taught John Coltrane, James Moody, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, and many others and I have played and recorded with musicians as Bassists Michael Manring and Percy Jones, Producers Neil Kernon and David Torn. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater played on two tunes of my 2001 disc "Addition By Subtraction" as well.

Please go to my Skype Instruction Facebook page here: to contact me and sign up.

My Biography is here:

My Skype lessons are customized for each player and I have extensive experience as a teacher and music education administrator at colleges such as BIMM in the U.K. and The University of The Arts in Philadelphia USA. I hope to hear from you soon. Scott

Skype Guitar Lessons--Scott McGill--Sample Lesson--Jazz Fusion Chords (Allan Holdsworth/Pat Metheny)