Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Levi Clay: Paul Gilbert, Signature guitar debate

We're back talking about another guitar player - this one is a long one!

#GuitArsoles ep 5 - 20 Questions & Signature Guitars Rant

Andy Gillion: Mors Principium Est - Japan and China tour

Mors Principium Est - Andy Gillion 

Co-headline tour of China, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong next month. This is going to be ridiculous!

Full Asian co-headline tour with Omnium Gatherum:
July 29th - Seoul, South Korea
July 30th - Kyoto, Japan
July 31st - Tokyo, Japan
August 3rd - Hong Kong, China
August 4th - Shenzhen, China
August 5th - Shanghai, China
August 6th - Beijing, China

Rob Marcello: Sweep Picking, String Skipping And More...

I'll try and post various licks and lessons on a somewhat weekly basis.

Guitar used: GJ2 "Arete" with stock "Habanero" pickups.
Amp used: Hughes And Kettner "Grandmeister 36".

"Amazing" video editing by yours truly...
Enjoy and thanks for watching!
Rob Marcello - Lick Of The Day #10! (Sweep Picking, String Skipping And More...)

Senri Kawaguchi, Guthrie Govan: Erotic Cakes performance from Japan 2015

Senri Kawaguchi playing Guthrie Govan's Erotic Cakes (Dec. 28, 2015). Video by Naoji Nakamura.

Senri Kawaguchi: Erotic Cakes