Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tristan Klein: Grooveyard Records asked me to work on a cover of Jimi Hendrix

Grooveyard Records asked me to work on a cover of Jimi Hendrix and as they heard the "kinf of" purple haze version I did for Anasounds​ they wanted me to develop it.

hendrix style

Scott McGill: Skype Guitar Instruction - Modal Improvisation

In this short session I demonstrate some extended arpeggio concepts used by Miles Davis and John Coltrane for improvisation in Modal Jazz tunes like "So What" and "Impressions". These ideas used by these great masters can give our modal playing melodic direction and harmonic shape over a static chord background. I have also stressed technical development by looking at specific arpeggio and melodic shapes for guitarists that can extend the technical vocabulary of what you already know into new creative directions perhaps making Coltrane's "Sheets of Sound" approach more available to us Guitarists.

I studied ten years with the great Jazz Teacher/Composer Dennis Sandole who taught John Coltrane, James Moody, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, and many others and I have played and recorded with musicians as Bassists Michael Manring and Percy Jones, Producers Neil Kernon and David Torn. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater played on two tunes of my 2001 disc "Addition By Subtraction" as well.

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My Skype lessons are customized for each player and I have extensive experience as a teacher and music education administrator at colleges such as BIMM in the U.K. and The University of The Arts in Philadelphia USA.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Skype Guitar Instruction-Scott McGill-Modal Improvisation "So What" "Impressions""

Derryl Gabel: solo on 40 Year Journey

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DG solo on 40 Year Journey ( Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe style )

Steve Smyth: plays "Summoning of the Soul" live on EMGtv

Steve Smyth gives a play-through of "Summoning of the Soul" live on EMGtv. This long time EMG artist and One Machine lead guitarist is using the EMG 57-7 and 66-7 pickups. Steve shows the range of metal tones achieved with this dynamic two pickup combo. Check out this live performance and others every week on EMGtv. Subscribe to EMGtv for automatic updates.
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Steve Smyth plays "Summoning of the Soul" live on EMGtv

Luís Kalil: New Album - Introducing the music for his upcoming opus "Sunset Daredevil"

Luís Kalil introduces you to his upcoming album Sunset Daredevil.
From rehearsals and recording scenes to what you are about to hear on this new record.
Sunset Daredevil will be out on August 20th.

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Instagram: luiskalil_

Luís Kalil's New Album - Introducing "Sunset Daredevil"

Samantha Fish: Portland Waterfront Blues Festival 2016

Samantha Fish / Kingfish Ingram & TY Curtis @ 2016 Portland Waterfront Blues Festival

Samantha Fish - guitar & vocals; Chris Alexander - bass; Go-Go Ray - drums.

Samantha Fish: Portland Waterfront Blues Festival 2016

Jim Matheos: Fates Warning Interview - The Prog Report

Fates Warning guitarist and founding member Jim Matheos talks about the group's new album 'Theories of Flight' as well as a look back at some classic albums, Parallels and A Pleasant Shade of Gray.
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Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) Interview - The Prog Report

Matthew Mills: announces Italian tour dates

Matthew Mills

I was going to wait to announce this but I thought I would just present it! All cities and dates will be announced soon!

David Adamiak: of Covet performs "Sea Dragon" with Rockbox Electronics Abyssinia

David Adamiak of Covet plays "Sea Dragon" and shows off his stunningly crafty bass lines with the Rockbox Electronics Abyssinia Bass Pre-Amp Overdrive at NAMM 2016. David strings his bass with Chris Campbell Custom Wound Med/Light Bass Strings 45-100. David's signal path was from his bass into the Rockbox Abyssinia into a Kemper Profiling amp on a Gallien Krueger Backline 600 profile.
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Find out more about the Rockbox Abyssinia Bass Pre-Amp/Overdrive
Song Written and Performed By: Covet
Performed By: David Adamiak
Video Filming: Helen Craighead and Kris Yates
Video Editing: Helen Craighead

David Adamiak of Covet performs "Sea Dragon" with Rockbox Electronics Abyssinia

Jason Becker: Kiesel July For Jason!
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Lari Basílio: Musicatele - BIAS AMP from Positive Grid

Original song: Musicatele, from EP Lari Basilio
Using BIAS AMP from Positive Grid.
My preset: "Lari Basilio Musicatele"

Musicatele - Lari Basilio (BIAS AMP preset)

Yuki,Seiji: D_Drive - Beauty and the Beast and the blonde tour Nagoya 2016

D_Drive x TSP Presents [Beauty and the Beast and the blonde 2016] tour
is Attraction4D from Nagoya performances!

Attraction4D / D_Drive Beauty and the Beast and the blonde 2016 in NAGOYA