Monday, 1 August 2016

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats India tour dates 2016

Hello everyone! A special note about our upcoming tour of India...

Today we are very happy to announce more information about 3 (out of the 4) dates in India. From today on, you can order your tickets to see our concerts in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. Be aware that there will be limited seating and sold out will be sold out, so do not hesitate to get your tickets right now before it’s too late.

14th September: The Humming Tree (Bangalore)
16th September: Sitara Studio (Mumbai)
18th September: Hard Rock Cafe (New Delhi)

Information about our show in Kolkata on Sept. 12 will be posted in the coming week(s). The Kolkata promoter just needs a little more time to consolidate the right venue. So hold on tight!

Oh, and one more thing, very soon we will be announcing information on how you can get your “top-up” extra ticket (yes you will need a regular entrance ticket first!) for a very special Meet & Greet with the band! Per show only 25 people will be allowed to buy one, so watch this space for updates!

For more information and updates, check out the Facebook pages from the promoter of these 3 shows: The Humming Tree, Up Your Arts

** Update: the first "round one" tickets (200) in Bangalore were sold out in 2 hours today, Mumbai and Delhi's round one will shortly too. So keep an eye out for the announcement for the second round of tickets by the promoters (links here above). Remember, all venues have a capacity of 500 to 600 pax. You don't want to miss this experience!

Greg Howe: New 'Lick Box' from Carl Martin Pedals plus New Interview with Guitar Connoisseur Magazine

It's finally here! - Greg Howe's 'Lick Box'

Greg Howe teamed up with Carl Martin Pedals to design a signature pedal that would combine Greg’s unique High Gain and Crunch tones, but allow him to manipulate these sounds and layer them for even more guitar fun.

"From mild blues boost to full metal - all contained in one pedal!"

Let the gain begin!


New Interview with Guitar Connoisseur Magazine

Check out the in-depth interview with Greg Howe
"...but I am inspired mostly by roads that I have not yet traveled. What inspires me most is to take on a musical endeavor that’s different than what I have taken on before." - GH

Al Mu'min: The HAARP Machine - Guitarist Wanted UK Only!


• Guitarist Wanted •

To be considered perform LTP in one take and send a video link to

*UK Only

Al Mu'min

• THM | LTP •

Cherry Blossom: Sakura - live performances with Sirius - Guitar Geeks Gig Volume 1 - 2016

GUITAR GEEKS GIG vol.1 Meguro Rokumeikan 2016/05/29
Gt. Sakura
Vo. Dawn
ba. Takeji
ky. Tsuruzo
dr. Ruki

Rising Force(cover) SAKURA with SIRIUS 4:32
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS 4:57
Forever One(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS 5:03
Seventh Sign(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS 6:34
Flamenco Diablo(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS 3:17
Round and Round(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS feat. tapgym 5:20
Tiger Punch(cover)SAKURA with SIRIUS 4:34

SAKURA with SIRIUS / GUITAR GEEKS GIG vol.1目黒 鹿鳴館2016/05/29

Jay Parmar: George Lynch 10 Solos Covered!!! Lynch Lycks, Season 3 , 2016

Hey Guys!!!!!
Having some fun with compiling the solos I've covered on Lynch Lycks so far this year :) Enjoy, subscribe and tune in next week for the next part!!!! Have a fantastic week and see you next time!!!

Check out previous Lynch Lycks on my channel :)

Any Qs or comments please leave them in the box below and I'll reply as soon as I can.

George Lynch 10 Solos Covered!!! Lynch Lycks, Season 3 , 2016

John 5: The Creatures - HELL HAW - mildly adult in nature

Available to buy as a single wherever digital music is sold.
Directed and edited by Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions.
The Creatures are Rodger Carter (Drums) and Ian Ross (Bass)
Feat: Red Hot Rita, Piggy D, Dr Odd, Mad Mad Mindy, Grandpa Bob Bob, Sasha Sin and Howdy Hell.
Please note, for our younger viewers, there are some jokes in the beginning part of the video which may be seen as mildly adult in nature.

John 5 and The Creatures - HELL HAW

Cherry Blossom: Sakura - bow and arrow of Guren - march of giants

I tried playing to arrange the "bow and arrow of Guren" of the "march of giants" OP to guitar instrumental.
You have to play all the guitar parts in overdubbing.

I play [march of giants] Guren of bow and arrow [cherry blossoms Sakura 13 years old]

Jason Hide: Vinnie Moore multi camera, Multi instrument playthroughs!

Jason Hide: Vinnie Moore multi camera, Multi instrument playthroughs!

Vinnie Moore - Morning Star cover
Vinnie Moore - In Control cover
Vinnie Moore - Hero Without Honor(2:40~3:39) cover
Vinnie Moore - Shadows of Yesterday(cover)
Vinnie Moore - Lifeforce(cover)
Vinnie Moore - Mind's Eye(Cover)
Vinnie Moore - Daydream(Cover)
Vinnie Moore - N.N.Y.(Cover)

Jason Hide: Vinnie Moore

Paul Gilbert: Official Demo of the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro!

Paul Gilbert demos the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro! Check it out!

Paul Gilbert Official Demo of the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro!

Dan Mumm: Omega - with tab - video by Maxxxwell Carlisle.

"Omega" - original song written, recorded and performed by Dan Mumm.
Get this song with complete guitar tab and backing track here:

Video shot, edited and produced by Maxxxwell Carlisle.

Help Dan Mumm produce new music like this every month at:

Dan Mumm - Omega - (Official Music Video) 2016 Original Song - Instrumental Metal Guitar

Pop Woravit: Y R O RACER X

Y R O RACER X Cover By Pop Woravit

The original

Racer X - First Lineup
Paul Gilbert , Harry Gschoesser, Juan Alderete and Jeff Martin
Mr. Big
Music: Racer X - Y.R.O

Allen Hinds: guitar sound Seminar - Ikebe musical instrument store - 30 anniversary Xotic

2016/7/16 was done in the studio Ribore within the G-REC to, and the effector of Allen Hinds model will be released in limited quantities from Xotic Effects, the seminar was actually using the Xotic Guitar of Allen Hinds model currently in use pattern.

The guitar that he tailored prefer a vintage guitar, please enjoy the beautiful phrases and tones midrange rich overdrive pedal is played mate.Xotic ■Soul Driven AH [10 May will be released] http: // ...

[Ikebe musical instrument store] Ribore Akihabara 30 anniversary Xotic Presents: Allen Hinds guitar sound Seminar

Vincent Brzezinski: Destroyer Of Dreams by Co- Little guy covers Conquering Dystopia

I learned by heart all songs from the Conquering Dystopia album.
This is the last one I recorded:
Destroyer of Dreams by Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, Alex Webster (bass), Alex Rudinger (drums):
http://conqueringdystopia.comFor more of my musical projects and the rest of the my Conquering Dystopia covers visit:
Special thanks to Seymour Duncan and Keith Merrow for support.
Schecter Demon-7
Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky
Fender Mustang Floor pedal, Fuse editor
Seymour Duncan signature Jeff Loomis Blackouts pickups
Electro-Voice ZLX 12-P
All my covers of the Conquering Dystopia album:
Ashes of Lesser Man: to Obliteration: Justice: Clock: Savagery: Savagery
solos: Sphere: at Dusk: of Dreams:

Destroyer Of Dreams (full cover) by Conquering Dystopia

Kelly Simonz: Future Destination - Transcendence guitar seminars - Hamakita shop

July 31, 2016, from holding events in transcendence guitar seminars @ Shimamura instrument pre-leaf walk Hamakita shop.

Future Destination - Kelly SIMONZ

Brett Garsed: Chill Diggery (HD)

This is part six of a six part soloing series in Guitar Techniques magazine with the Australian guitarist, Brett Garsed.
Brett discusses his slide playing over Chill Diggery then from 1m42s performs his solo.
For the complete transcription of Brett's solo get Guitar Techniques issue 262 on sale 28th September 2016.
Chill Diggery was written and recorded by Jason Sidwell.
For more on Brett Garsed visit
To subscribe and/or purchase the digital version of Guitar Techniques visit:­­s-guitar-magazine/id451419414?mt=8
To get the print version visit­tar-techniques-magazine-subscription/

Brett Garsed - Chill Diggery (HD)

Gus G: Allegiance Of Rock - Hojrock, Västervik, Sweden 2016

Gus G (Ozzy, Firewind) - guitar, John Leven (Europe) - bass, Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Hammerfall) - drums, Mats Levén (Candlemass, Yngwie, Treat) at biker festival Hojrock.

Gus G: Allegiance Of Rock - Hojrock, Västervik, Sweden 2016