Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Eric Calderone: Freight Train Solo - Michael Angelo Batio - Nitro

Hi all!

So I have 2 really goofy Tuesday tunes in the works but I always wanted to record Freight Train's solo, which is out of control in itself haha. I'm not as clean as MAB, but still a blast to play! Thanks for everything!


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Michael Angelo Batio - Nitro - Freight Train Solo

Alena Sokolova: Time and time and Synergy - Andy James

Andy James- Time and time again cover

Andy James- Synergy played by Alena Sokolova
Thanks for watching, i hope you enjoyed it ;)

Andy James- Synergy cover

Nick Johnston: Hypergiant - Pre-order 'Remarkably Human' - heavenly guitar

Pre-order 'Remarkably Human' - Available Sept.27th
Physical/Merch/Tabs - http://nickjohnstonmusic.com/
Digital - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/rem...
Featuring Gavin Harrison, Bryan Beller and Luke Martin
Video by - Grant Cooper (https://www.facebook.com/grantcooperfilm)

Nick Johnston - Hypergiant

Paul Wardingham: Spiritual Arpeggios - FREE GUITAR TAB!

Learn these arpeggios. Download the free guitar tab here:

Paul Wardingham | Spiritual Arpeggios - FREE GUITAR TAB!

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please like, comment and share on all your social media channels to help spread the word :) 

Also, the album is now available for pre-order, with 4 exclusive packs to choose from in the cyberstore.
Note: These packs are only available until release day - Nov 21
As always, your support means a lot to me. It’s entirely because of the support I got for The Human Affliction that I was able to make Spiritual Machines and devote the enormous amount of time needed to make and release an album like this. 
I can honestly say that this has been the most enjoyable and positive album making experience I’ve had so far and I feel like it’s reflected in the music. There’s just an energy to the whole album that’s different to my previous works which I think is really cool.

I'm looking forward to sharing teasers and more videos from the album over the coming weeks.
All the bestPaul


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– Complete lead & rhythm guitar tab + 2 x backing tracks + video performance

8. "Spiritual Production"- 1 Hour Video Tutorial!
– Go deep into the production of Spiritual Machines as Paul takes you on a journey into the final DAW mix sessions of 2 songs from Spiritual Machines, and dissects them track by track! Production and recording, drums, bass, guitar tones, effects, plug-ins,synths all covered! Essential viewing for anyone wanting to know how Paul produces his music.

Your CD will be shipped with intention to arrive on release day. For downloads, you will get an email with the direct link on November 21.

About The Album

Following on from his critically acclaimed albums Assimilate Regenerate (2011) and The Human Affliction (2015), Spiritual Machines is the new cyberpunk-inspired instrumental guitar album by Paul Wardingham.

Complete with the melodic choruses, mechanical metal riffs and hi-tech futuristic shredding that Paul has become known for, Spiritual Machines is perhaps his most accessible work to date.

“I really wanted to get back to a style that I was doing a few years before writing Assimilate Regenerate. More focused on melody and riffs than on lots of guitar solos. Spiritual Machines is more metal, very song orientated and has a kind of raw industrial quality to it”

“There’s an energy to this album that’s very different to my previous works”

Spiritual Machines: Track Listing:
1. The Awakening
2. Spiritual Machines
3. My Sanctuary
4. Break The System
5. Ghosts Of A Concrete World
6. Prophecy
7. System Error
8. Prisoners Of The Future
9. The Edge Of Human
10. Off-World

Paul Wardingham: Guitars & Machines

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Paul Wardingham

Kaspar Jalily: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

A late submission but I figured i'd give it a try!

Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest // Kaspar Jalily // #kieselsolocontest

Invincible Tapir: Kiesel Solo Contest Entry - Ray #kieselsolocontest

Invincible Tapir: Kiesel Solo Contest Entry - Ray #kieselsolocontest

Kiesel Solo Contest Entry - Ray u #kieselsolocontest

Russ Muller: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

This is my submission for the Kiesel Solo Contest. It was a great backing track, and a lot of fun writing this solo. I hope you enjoy it!


Kiesel Solo Contest - Russ Muller

Florian Merindol: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Florian Merindol: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - Florian Merindol #kieselsolocontest

Prisma Guitars: Real Guitars Made from Real Skateboards From Skate Park to Studio

Real Guitars Made from Real Skateboards From Skate Park to Studio: Prisma Guitars Makes Musical Dreams a Reality

SAN FRANCISCO —What started as a love for two hobbies is evolving into a passion for one business. Today, Prisma Guitars is driven by the goal of building custom guitars with a one-of-a-kind style where instruments are all 100% handcrafted from the wood of recycled skateboard decks and custom engineered for the highest quality sound.

Prisma offers musicians the opportunity to customize every feature in building their dream guitar, from body shapes and pickups to necks, bridges, and knobs. Prisma electric guitars have six body shapes that can be built entirely with skateboards, a skateboard top and mahogany or alder back, or with a hollow body. In addition to using their own stock of skateboards, Prisma is able to build a guitar with a customer’s skateboards at no extra charge.

Necks are available in multiple profiles in four styles: skateboard, mahogany or maple with rosewood fingerboard, or one-piece maple. Each neck has a 12’’ inch radius and 25.5’’ scale length with a hand-shaped Graph Tech nut at 1 5/8’’ width. Prisma uses only hand-wound pickups from McNelly Pickups and David Allen Pickups, and all guitars are built exclusively with Emerson Custom electronics. Tone Pro or Mastery bridges are available, and an Allen key Hot Rod truss rod anchors the body, which has a 100% nitrocellulose instrument lacquer finish.

Prisma also builds custom bass guitars in two body styles with three wood options: mahogany back with skate top, alder back with skate top, or full skateboard. A maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard is available along with three finish types and several other customizable features.

Pricing for custom guitars begins at $2,500 and orders take approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete. Left-handed models are available at no extra cost, and all instruments come with a travel-ready MONO bag. Guitars can be shipped internationally.

Tapping into local SF culture, Prisma also offers pre-built series guitars with select customizable features. The Sunset Series pays homage to Prisma’s Sunset District neighborhood, home to Ocean Beach, where surfing and skateboarding are a way of life. Each guitar in this series is a vibrant pastel that is meant to represent a house in the neighborhood. Loaded with McNelly x Prisma pickups, the series features handmade skateboard knobs and a custom Decoboom pickguard inspired by 1970s surf culture.

“Skateboards are made with seven layers of hard rock maple--- a familiar guitar wood--- and some of the layers are randomly dyed colors. Through working the materials, we get the colors to come through,” says Nick Pourfard, founder of Prisma Guitars. “Every single time I build one, it’s a different result. I never make the same guitar twice.”

For a behind-the-scenes look at the Prisma design process, check out  the video that features a demo by professional skateboarder and musician Tommy Guerrero. To learn more about custom Prisma Guitars, visit www.PrismaGuitars.com.

About Prisma Guitars

Prisma Guitars was founded in 2015 by 24-year-old Nick Pourfard, a self-taught woodworker and industrial design student based in San Francisco. Inspired by his love of skateboarding and music, Nick decided to combine the two to create colorful guitars using broken and used skateboard decks. He has created custom guitars for stylistically diverse musicians at home and abroad, including international icon Steve Harris of the band Iron Maiden. Prisma Guitars are all 100% handmade in the USA, and the colors are completely one-of-a-kind for every build. To learn more, visit www.PrismaGuitars.com.