Monday, 24 October 2016

Chelsea Constable: Signature Tone/Lesson - Main and Outro Solos By Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you check out my new TC Electronic "Signature Tone Series". This is a series where I will be doing a signature tone of some of my favorite guitarists utilizing some of TC Electronic's amazing products. I also want to thank Suhr Custom Guitars, amps, and pickups (guitar used - Suhr Classic Pro, amp used Suhr Hedgehog 50, cab used Suhr 2X12 loaded with Celestion Heritage Series G12-65, mics Heil PR30 and PR40, cables used for guitar, patch, and mic Accusound, pedal board is by Chemistry Design Werks, strings D'Addario 10-46. For this tone/lesson, I am using three pedals - HyperGravity Compressor, Hall of Fame (reverb), and the SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger. Also, I want to give special thanks to Grace Constable for recording the drums at the last minute and videography work, and Martin Walters for the audio recording! Rhythm and Bass Guitars - Chelsea Constable

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - Main and Outro Solos By Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits

Aleks Sever: announces details about the new release EXTRAVAGANT

EXTRAVAGANT coming November 15th !!
For an inside look, Check it out !

Aleks Sever - New Release EXTRAVAGANT

Aleks Sever - VIP

Aleks Sever - 2Cool

Aleks Sever - Crazy

Nicolas Waldo: clinic shredding - Improvisation Guitar Solo 2016

Nicolas Waldo - Guitar Solo on E eolian Backingtrack
Official Ibanez Guitars Artist:
Official Blackstar Amps Artist

Nicolas Waldo - Improvisation Guitar Solo 2016

Brian Raine: Strandberg Boden 8 fingerstlye demo - Whenever Never Happens

If you like this, check out my band Ways In Waves:
We'll be releasing some music in the next couple weeks so stay tuned :)

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Tuning here from low to high is: F# Bb E A D G B E

I've been sitting with this piece for over a year now and really contemplated never sharing it publicly. This is due in part to going through periods of not really liking it, but also because of how personal it is. Without going into too much detail, I wrote it around the time when my grandfather died and only performed it once (during my grad recital at MacEwan University). I wrote it in two parts, both of which can be explained by the title. The first is whenever "never" happens, expressing how it feels to have something seemingly impossible happen, or perhaps something that you never expected. The second part is "whenever" never happens, its about waiting for something to come your way but knowing that it never will. I hope you get something out of this, it feels good to put this one out into the world so that I never have to play it again.

Strandberg Boden 8 fingerstlye demo - Whenever Never Happens by Brian Raine

Vanny Tonon: Fingerpicking Fusion Jam over Greg Howe "Come and Get it" from Introspection

Fingerpicking Fusion Jam over Greg Howe "Come and Get it

Ignazio Di Salvo: fluid legato at Ibanez Clinic in Gent 2016

Here's some improvisation from my latest Ibanez Clinic

Ignazio Di Salvo - Allan Holdsworth style playing at Ibanez Clinic ( Gent )

Lorenzo Venza: Mood Changes solo - Utopia

Guitar solo from the title track "Mood Changes" (Utopia - Anteo records 2016)

Lorenzo Venza - Mood Changes solo (Utopia)

Marcel Mokbel: Lost in the Moment - Solo Acoustic Guitar

Lost In The Moment is an original composition by Marcel Mokbel. The video was recorded during the sunrise in the area of Saxon Swizerland (Sächsische Schweiz), Germany.
Music and tabs available at: http://www.marcelmokbel.comFind Marcel Mokbel on Facebook: on YouTube:
Video made by Konzerthelden: made by Florian Simon:

Marcel Mokbel - Lost in the Moment - Solo Acoustic Guitar