Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fidel De Jesus: Xeno Devata Project - Hellfire - Guitar - Focusrite 2i4 - Cockos Reaper

Practicing some band material. Need to iron out the fumbles before recording guitar tracks for the EP. :)

Signal chain:
Guitar - Focusrite 2i4 - Cockos Reaper

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Xeno Devata Project - Hellfire (solo)

Tom Quayle, David Beebee, Dave Brons, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour - Xmas Special

The Guitar Hour live stream - Season Two Episode Two

Multistreaming with

starts 4:00

Tom Quayle, David Beebee, Dave Brons, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour - Xmas Special

Mika Tyyskä: Moonwaxer - Michael Jackson meets shred guitar - Mr. Fastfinger tribute

Here's Mika Tyyskä covering Mr. Fastfinger's song Moonwaxer :) The tune was inspired by Michael Jackson and Karate Kid. It started from the thought: what if Michael Jackson had been making instrumental guitar music, what would that been like?

in this song we got the amazing Jan-Olof Strandberg guesting on Bass and Thomas Törnroos - Drums. The groove is with these guys!

This playthrough video was shot about a year ago in 2015. It's been performed live quite a few times after this and things has started to develop. Little rought on the edges etc. but it's quite fun to watch this version now. This version is pretty closely the same as on the Spirit Rising -album. The outro solo is partly improvised while there are also some part from the original recorded version included.

About the song:
Such a cool groove with this song. All started when I was playing with a drum/beats plug-in on Cubase that I didn't know to use. I got some cool loops going which i exported and those soon inspired me to write the main riffs. Some pleasing melodies here too. No acoustic guitar on the second verse this time. Listen to the CD or go to Spotify to hear that version. Hope you get some good kicks of this song. Enjoy! Wax on!

Ruokangas Guitar, The green one. Hughes & Ketttner Grandmeister 36, + H&K Tubemeister 1x12 cabinet, which was miced with Shure 57 and Octava microphones. Some eq and tweaks in Cubase. I probably used Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor or Simble overdrive as boosters...

Moonwaxer - Michael Jackson meets shred guitar - Mr. Fastfinger tribute cover by Mika Tyyskä

Stus Rollins: Magnificent Skin - new CD available

Hot off the music press comes Magnificent Skin.

Stus Rollins latest release. More guitar heroics from the artist that brought you Amygdala.
This release has some vocals this time, but the guitar playing is as always outstanding.Rock On!

News: Musopia and JustinGuitar are excited to announce the launch of the stellar beginners’ guitar learning app

Musopia and JustinGuitar are excited to announce the launch of the stellar beginners’ guitar learning app - Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords.

The app brings together the best parts of FourChords Guitar Karaoke by the mobile app development studio Musopia and the state-of-the-art Learning Path from Justin Sandercoe, the massively popular YouTube guitar teacher described by The Independent newspaper as ‘one of the most influential guitar teachers in history’. The soft launch on Goggle Play last weekend saw the app achieve an impressive 4.8 star rating.

It seamlessly combines the great features of FourChords play-along song book with the Justin´s Learning Path method´s instructional videos, innovative exercises and an amazing collection of hit songs picked by Justin himself. Having honed his guitar teaching skills over more than twenty years Justin has received many accolades, including testimonials from Brian May and Tommy Emmanuel. The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course distils the finest elements of his methodology into a fun and polished app experience.

‘When learning the guitar, it’s really important that it’s fun, and I designed the Learning Path in this app so the student learns just a couple of chords and then puts them to use making music with a backing track - something that most beginners find inspiring and awesome fun! We can then keep them interested while learning more chords, strumming patterns and skills and the better they get, the more they enjoy it.’ says Justin.

The songs in the Beginners Course collection, handpicked by Justin, are displayed in the play-along style pioneered by FourChords with adjustable backing tracks and lyrics. They support the players’ learning experience and keep them engaged as they progress through the course, by the end of which, budding guitarists are able to play hundreds of awesome tunes like "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix and "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

Topi Löppönen, Musopia’s founder explains ‘Musopia is working to create experiences that create a sense of accomplishment and help new players to learn to love guitar. The first moments of learning are tough sometimes, but by combining Justin´s knowledge on learning and our technological solutions, we created an interactive step-by-step course that is easy to follow and gets you playing real songs from the beginning.’

The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords is now available for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Joe Bonamassa: Welcome to Nerdville - Inside Joe Bonamassa’s Museum and Guitar Collection

Welcome to Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa’s Museum and Guitar Collection Short Film and Interactive Tour Provide Rare Glimpse Into Bonamassa’s Vintage Gear Collection

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - Today, - the online marketplace for buying, selling, and learning about music gear - provides a unique, in-depth look into Joe Bonamassa’s expansive vintage gear collection through an exclusive video feature and an interactive virtual tour. The short film, “Welcome to Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa’s Museum and Guitar Collection,” features never-before-seen footage of Bonamassa and the “Bona-seum,” while the interactive web experience enables viewers to explore the guitarist’s history-rich music gear collection first-hand.

“Many people know Joe Bonamassa for his decades-long blues guitarist career that began when he opened for B.B. King at just twelve years old,” said Michael Lux, Video Director and editor of the video feature. “What we’ve captured through this short film and interactive tour is another side of Joe Bonamassa - the collector, the obsessive vintage Gibson and Fender fan, and the keeper of the hundreds of stories that each piece of gear holds.”

The team visited Bonamassa in Los Angeles in June, spending several hours exploring his “Nerdville” studio and vintage gear vault. The soundproof sanctuary - in which you might find the guitarist jamming on the first Black Strat ever made or binge-watching The Simpsons, depending on the day - houses the thousands of vintage treasures that Bonamassa has amassed over the years.

“It’s American history. Every screw, nut, bolt, capacitor, tube, and speaker,” Bonamassa says in the video. “It’s extraordinarily rare that I’m allowing cameras in the Bona-seum.”

The collection is the result of many “guitar safaris” - vintage guitar-finding expeditions that Bonamassa has been taking since childhood when he accompanied his vintage guitar dealer father. Through the short film and interactive tour, viewers will not only catch a glimpse of the rare, vintage, and often historic pieces of gear in the Bonamassa collection - they’ll learn about the people and stories behind each piece of gear.

Experience the video and virtual tour at

About Joe Bonamassa
As Joe Bonamassa enters his 27th year as a professional musician, he continues to blaze a remarkably versatile artistic trail, and amass an authentic, innovative and soulful body of work. Bonamassa's career began onstage opening for B.B. King in 1989, when he was only 12 years old. Today, he is hailed worldwide as one of the greatest guitar players of his generation, and is an ever-evolving singer-songwriter who has released 24 solo albums in the last 16 years, all on his own label, J&R Adventures. He founded and oversees the non-profit Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation to promote the heritage of the blues to the next generation, fund music scholarships, and supplement the loss of music education in schools. Most recently, Bonamassa has been nominated for his 2nd GRAMMY ® nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album for his latest project “Live At The Greek Theatre.” His latest release landed Bonamassa his 17th #1 Billboard Blues Album (more than any other artist) and Billboard honored him with the 2016 Blues Album Artist of the Year Award. With a full tour and release schedule planned for 2017, there are no signs of Joe slowing down.

About is the online marketplace to buy, sell and learn about new, used, vintage and handmade music gear. Since launching in 2013, has grown into the world’s most popular music gear website with more than eight million monthly website visits. At any given time, the site has roughly half a million listings ranging from electric, acoustic and bass guitars to effects, studio gear, synthesizers, drums, DJ equipment, orchestra instruments and more.

Simon Revill: Metal Rhythm Guitar Guide Launches

UK metal guitarist Simon Revill just launched a free 8-part series of lessons on metal rhythm guitar. This in-depth guide gets you from day 1 to mastery with easy to follow and comprehensive exercises, musical examples, and more. The lessons are available on his website or as a downloadable PDF that comes with free bonus material.

Claudio Pietronik: "The Everlasting Moment" - GNG Brea PK6TTS Clean Demo

This is me playing my new signature guitar from Negrini Guitars called: Brea PK6TTS (True Temperament and Fernandes Sustainer).

Track name: "The Everlasting Moment" (Claudio Pietronik)

Video tutorial with guitar specs will be released soon.

Many thanks to the master Giulio Negrini for these insane creatures!
Claudio Pietronik: "The Everlasting Moment" - GNG Brea PK6TTS Clean Demo

Keshav Dhar, Devesh Dayal: Skyharbor Paris 2016 10 22 full show

Exclusive video from the last show of the european tour of the indan prog metal band: SKYHARBOR.

Eric Emery - Vocals
Keshav Dhar - Guitar
Devesh Dayal - Guitar
Krishna Jhaveri - Bass
Aditya Ashok - Drums

Skyharbor Paris 2016 10 22 full show

Sithu Aye: Paris 2016 10 22 full show

Exclusive video recorded during the last show of Sithu Aye as opener for the Indian prog metal masters Skyharbor

Sithu Aye Paris 2016 10 22 full show