Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Marius Pop: Mr Pc - John Coltrane

One of my favourite old song :)

Marius Pop- Mr Pc (John Coltrane)

Lorenzo Venza: Amin free lick

Lorenzo Venza: Amin free lick

Lorenzo venza - Amin free lick

Dallton Santos: Guitar - Let´s Practice! Guitar Solo "Sensory Input" from the album The Inner Things. Get in Itunes

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Guitar - Let´s Practice!

Aleks Sever: Ambition - super funky tones

Jason Becker

I am loving this album! Very funky with tons of feel. Man, check out "Glamour Baby!" Thank you Aleks Sever.

Aleks Sever: Ambition - super funky tones

Steffen Schackinger: Fire Dance (Official Video)

From 'Fire Dance' CDs, Guitar Tabs, and downloads available at:
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Guitars: Steffen Schackinger
Bass: Henrik Bjørn
Drums: Lars Daugaard

Classical precision meets uncompromising rock
on new album from world class guitarist. Steffen
Schackinger belongs to the absolute elite, and his
new album ‘Fire Dance’ takes his instrumental guitar
music to new heights.

With millions of views on YouTube, a worldwide tour
resume and international recognition as a top class
guitar player, Steffen Schackinger has established himself
as outstanding in his field.

His second solo album, Fire Dance, is no exception.
Steffen Schackinger combines precision and timing
from his background on the classical scene with the
uncompromising expression of rock music.

“I express myself through my guitar, as a singer does
with the voice and a painter with a brush. The strings
are not limited by language“, says Steffen Schackinger.
His first album earned him a spot on the prestigious
Guitar on the Edge top 50 of the world’s best guitarists
in 2010 ranking 15th. Since then he has been playing
guitar clinics throughout Europe and Asia. But now the
former Merzy guitarist is once again ready to hit the

The album Fire Dance is published by US label Candyrat
Records, and Steffen Schackinger is joined by
former Merzy bass player, Henrik Bjørn and drummer
Lars Daugaard of the Danish hit orchestra Gnags.

Steffen Schackinger - Fire Dance (Official Video)

Larry Mitchell: Tries Fractal Audio Amp Models and Real Tube Amps

We invited Grammy-award winning producer/guitarist LARRY MITCHELL to dial in some tube amps during a studio session. By simply matching the knobs of the models to the knobs of the amps, we demonstrate how accurate the models are, and how easy it is to achieve a great tone with the Axe-Fx II or AX8. Larry toggles between both systems using a footswitch, and then demos the model over some backing tracks. You can enjoy the same tones by downloading the files below for your Axe-Fx II or AX8 running firmware Quantum 6 or newer.

Learn more about Larry Mitchell at his web site:

Larry Mitchell Tries Fractal Audio Amp Models and Real Tube Amps

Luís Kalil: Story Of My Life - Play Through

Purchase "Sunset Daredevil" album as CD: or
Download on Itunes:

Filmed by Robson Lacerda and Luiz Mário Moraes in Bagé, RS, Brazil, on November 12th
Edited by Luís Kalil

Laney Iron Heart 60H

Luís Kalil - Story Of My Life | Play Through

Mary Spender: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

I might just do a full song version of this one, but I thought I'd get a taster out and see what you lovely people think. This version is a tone lower than the original, but actually two tones lower than I sing it live. Tracy Chapman has an incredibly low beautiful husky voice that I could only dream of! I'm loving these daily shreds, but can't wait to show you some more videos of me singing and playing :)

DAILY SHRED #20 | Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Tomo Fujita: R&B guitar lesson - Fills & soloing ideas

This a part of my Berklee private lessons. One of my students asked about R&B guitar style. So I made this video. Hope you like it. Based on "What's going on?" chord changes.

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R&B guitar lesson - Fills & soloing ideas - Tomo Fujita

More R&B guitar lesson - fills & soloing ideas - Tomo Fujita

Popa Chubby: Don Odells Legends - rock n blues

Popa Chubby: Don Odells Legends

Popa Chubby w/Dave Keyes - Signed With A Heartache - Don Odells Legends

Martin Miller: 'An End In Itself' Live Studio Version! |

You simply MUST check out this incredible live studio version of Martin Miller​'s track 'An End In Itself'. All recorded in a single take with no edits (additional rhythm guitar from a backing track). If you want to pick up Martin​'s album, complete with full backing tracks and TAB for five of the incredible songs then click here:

Felix Lehrmann​ - Drums
Benni Jud​ - Bass
Marius Leicht​ - Keys

Recorded at: Off The Road Studios​

Martin Miller 'An End In Itself' Live Studio Version! |