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Allen Hinds: Quartet Throwback Thursday From the MI Library 10/02/1997

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Allen Hinds Throwback Thursday

Allen Hinds Quartet Throwback Thursday From the MI Library 10/02/1997

Steph Goyer: Aries A7 - Kiesel Guitars

Kiesel Artist Steph Goyer demonstrating her Kiesel Aries A7 guitar.
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Kiesel Guitars - Steph Goyer - Aries A7

Jennifer Batten: An interview recorded by Jennifer for Costa Rica, 2016

Entrevista con Jennifer Batten sobre influencias, maestros, equipo, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck y más. San José, Costa Rica 2016.

An interview with Jennifer Batten (Costa Rica, 2016)

Matt Powell: Steven Wilson - Regret #9 - Guthrie Govan solo
Hi everyone, here is my version of this fantastic solo from the amazing Guthrie Govan from the Steven Wilson track Regret #9 which is on the brilliant Hand.Cannot.Erase. album. All copyright belongs to Steven Wilson. Please feel free to comment, hopefully like, possibly share and maybe even subscribe, cheers matt :)

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 - Guthrie Govan solo cover - Matt Powell

Rick Graham: Improvising with clean tones

I'm getting way more into writing tunes with a more fingerstyle approach but with the electric. I love it. Expect lots more compositions in 2017. Meanwhile this is me messing around. Playing through my Marshall 1974X amp.

Improvising with clean tones

t-cophony: Decided - demo play 2016

Thank you for supporting me this year.
I hope that you enjoy my music again next year. I wish you a Happy New Year !
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Decided - T-cophony (demo play) 2016

Brandon Burch: Every New 8-String Guitarist Ever!

Spoiler Alert...
The idea behind this video is fueled from some of my experiences of getting my first 8-string guitar, but includes the stereotypes. Let me know if you want to see more of this type of the video.

This is a spin-off from my old, unfinished comedy series, Metal Production The Right Way. I also took some inspiration from YouTubers Jared Dines and Ola Englund.

This is not my real voice. I pitch shifted it a little for comedic effect. My real voice can be heard in my other videos.

Background music is from my Christmas Single:
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Every New 8-String Guitarist

Carl Verheyen: The Grand Design Interview

Interview conducted with Carl Verheyen on the occasion of his concert in Vienna on 4 November 2016. We talked with Carl about his new album "The Grand Design", his influences & intervallic approach to improvisation, as well as his plans with SUPERTRAMP. Thanks go to Maren Kumpe (music matters), Bettina Schelker and Wolfgang Windbacher (Reigen Club). For more information, please refer to

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CARL VERHEYEN - "The Grand Design" Interview

Frank Gambale: about destroying music piracy

Frank Gambale talks about his experiment to beat the piracy in music and all the iTunes & Spotify systems:

Frank Gambale about destroying music piracy

Kelly Simonz: Still Got The Blues

Happy New Year 2017


Still Got The Blues covered by Kelly SIMONZ with ALL FREE

Pinxi Liu: YoYo Gruv Gear Artist prodigy from China

Introducing Yoyo, our youngest Artist and guitar prodigy from Wuhan, China! Yoyo enjoys using FretWraps to control overtones from high-gain settings, and to get rid of noise from vibrations and harmonics especially with two-handed tapping.

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10-year old Liu Pinxi aka "Yoyo" ~ Gruv Gear Artist prodigy from China

Eric Calderone: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers Meets Metal

Tabs, MP3s, Hangouts etc:

Hi all!

Well, another year haha. Went with a classic hit to jam to wrap up '16. Thanks so much for the constant support all year long. You're the best! I hope your 2017 is bitchin'. Special thanks to all the patrons over on Patreon, you're unreal. And one more shout out to all my friends here on the Tube that took time out of their schedules to hop on a collab.

To all of you, I'd walk 500 miles for ya


I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers Meets Metal

Michael Pipoquinha: new modern jazz bass

Half Minute Lessons - Exclusive Music Lessons


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#HalfMinuteLessons #MichaelPipoquinha


Li-sa-X: ripping through Kiko Loureiro's "Gray Stone Gateway"

Li-sa-X: ripping through Kiko Loureiro's "Gray Stone Gateway"
Japanese 11 year old girl Li-sa-X plays "Gray Stone Gateway" by Kiko Loureiro.

Using official backing track

キコ・ルーレイロさんの"Gray Stone Gateway"を弾いてみました!

Kiko Loureiro "Gray Stone Gateway" cover / Li-sa-X (Japanese 11 year old girl)