Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster: erotic cakes plus

Fredrik Thordendal: awesome demos

Ruggero Robin: tour dates announced.

Greg Howe: to play with eddie jobson on the U-Z project

News: truth in shredding breaks 450,000 visits

Tom MacLean: steel panther competition solo

Dave Kilminster: blue rock weekend now booking

Guthrie Govan: weekend course now booking

News: the Pyro shreds his axe.

Damir Puh: tribute to john petrucci

Emir Hot: nicks muris varjic's guitar idol prize ;)

Michael Angelo Batio: greets fret 12 community

Steve Vai,Phil Hilborne: with nicko mcbrain and friends

Stanley Jordan: tvjazz in hd

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: mr big on blu ray pre order

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Reece Fullwood: joined by Matt Shepard in aeon zen live set up