Jan Laurenz: the swiss schred zis too!

Benny Nilsson: cloud surfing shred this too!

Bryan Aspey: rents a spaceship hanger to get just the right sound for shred this too!

Pilho: some cool shred this too from Brazil

Francesco D'Alonzo: shred this too drawing out the new players

Alberto Lima: right... er no left handed shred this too!

Vladimir Maisiuk: judges have a tough job on their hands... here's another super solo!

Jesus Robles: shreds for Venezuela in this top quality solo!

Chandler Oliver: top quality shredding from another new player!

Boris Beceric: rushing to beat the deadline for shred this too

Kevin Serra: bluesy rocking shred this too

Rokas Jackūnas: Silent noise competition entry

Randev Seneviratne: Sri Lanka wants to Shred This Too!

Kevin Peters: OneThaTaps Shreds This Too in his unique style

Vladimir Villatoro: throws the kitchen sink at shred this too!

Andrew Beveridge: shred this too... I'll drink to that!

Mark McGuigan: is this a show stealing solo for Shred This Too?

Jim Ross: Shred This real time jam can be a pain!

Rick Graham: Diezel Amps NAMM 2010

Chris Johnstone: Contemporary Guitar triads