News: Michael Wagener the sound of the 1980's describes his studio

Gavin Clement Melanson: Cool riff

Milan Polak: Alternate picking (synchronizing left + right hand)

Carl Roa: Progressive Sequences

Victor de Andres: rocking out!

Jayce Landberg: Skyscraper (Live in Stockholm)

Steve Saluto, Richie Kotzen: Resurrection

News: super deal on guitar player subscription for US guitar fans

Frank Gambale: interspirit with Anthony Jackson

Alex Ehrsam: morning improv

Daniele Penco: bet you can't play this!

Rob Chappers: clapton beck ticket prize 2 days to go!

Yvi Wylde: großartig - class of 1984

Alex Berserker: global web 2.0 band in progress!

Mark Day: Suhr rigtalk solo

Greg Howe: I Wanna Play Guitar

Andy James: Extreme Metal

Marshall Harrison: 1+ 1 + 1 = 3

Guthrie Govan, Don Lappin, Jon Finn, Scott Tarulli: live jams

Slash: shred with slash competition

Marc Rizzo: new CD details