Marco Silvestri: Releasing Weeps - Universe's Touch

Marco Sfogli: Melodic Custom Series

Luke Arsenault: Cruise Ship Audition

Jack Gardiner: guitar up for sale.

Bruno Monello: rock improvisation

Ignazio Di Salvo: two snippets for mhis upcoming debut album

Yohei Kimura: super soloing good enough to win!

Jakub Żytecki: Bio video and UK Teckfest 2013 Jam

Adrian Galysh: Rut Busters for Guitarists - Get Out Of Your Wheelhouse

Fabio Cerrone: Total Shred Guitar: Corso Rock/Fusion

Francesco Fareri: Total Shred Guitar: Corso Metal, Progressive, 7 & 8 Corde

Gabriel Guardian,Jyro Alejo: Immortal Guardian

Neal Schon: will wed Michaele Salahi in a he first-ever celebrity pay-per-view wedding and fundraiser for typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.

Matte Henderson,Marco Minneman: The Veneer Of Logic [CD + DVD]

Phil Collen: Hard Rock Nights "The Queen Speaks" With Phil Collen & Simon Laffy