Steve Vai: LA low life's steal "Bo" guitar just hours before the Tony MacAlpine fundraiser show!!!

Tina S: For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - now 16!

Nico Schliemann: Orange Jam - takes on the famous Guthrie Govan backing track

Mark Holcomb: Mark talks about his signature PRS in Frankfurt

Marty Friedman, Li-sa-X: Professor Arpeggio! This girl learns super fast...

Andre Casagrande: Titan - Which is part of EP 'Saturna' to be released soon. Enjoy, Watch in HD.

Ji Ho Lee, Dahyun Kim: south of everywhere - Jonathan Kreisberg - billie's bounce Andreas Oberg - super impressive in anyones book!

Ji Ho Lee, Dahyun Kim: Sunny, passing storm grew, stella by starlight - she's a big fan of Andreas Oberg

Laura6100: Antonio Vivaldi - Summer Presto - great guitar cover of the classical masterpiece

George Marios: Emotional Rock Ballad - Gorgeous George!

Matt Powell: Judgement - An Original Metal Song - more screaming metal histrionics!

Todd Grubbs: set to release New Vocal Album “As The Worm Turns”

News: National Learn to Play Day 2016: Over 12,000 Free Music Lessons Across The UK

Ritchie Blackmore: Amazing Solo - Live 2015 - tasty playing from the 70 year old master!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar Camp 2016

Matthew Wicklund,Van Williams: Ghost Ship Octavius, Live in New York 2015