Rick Graham: Shred Training with Ep2. Finger Twisting Sweep Tapping!

Vanny Tonon: Devil take the Hindmost Holdsworth performance

Blues Saraceno: killing it at NAMM 2016 - still one of the sweetest guitarists on the planet

Ryuuta Sasaki: #Solocontest2016 competition entry - ripping metal fusion

Wes Hauch: PT-7 FR Signature 7 String GEAR GODS NAMM 2016

Lee Albrecht: Hunted Guitar Playthrough - punchy Progressive Metalcore

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Gear Gods - NAMM 2016

Jared Dines: The Odd, Strange, and WEIRD gear at NAMM 2016!!

Adam Moore: We One Are Two - tasty progressive rock fusion on ebay Stratocaster

Alex Hutchings: Roland Blues Cube Hot and Waza Craft Vibrato - NAMM 2016

Devin Townsend: demos Fishman + Framus at Winter NAMM 2016

Greg Koch, Lee Anderton, Rob Chapman: Chappers, Captain and Greg in the Gibson Booth • NAMM 2016

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger - Effortless - melodic instrumental rock - Ruokangas Guitars

Rachid Hassani: Guitar Playthrough of "Conquerors" from the upcoming album - arabian exoic progressive metal

Matt Zuleger: Shades of Black: Pylai - Custom Agile Septor Pro 725 - arabic progressive metal from Fort Wayne

News: #Solocontest2016 the return of the solo competition with great prizes

Eva Vergilova: Damn Your Eyes - Etta James - Cheapcaster rules

Laura V Bustillos: Stolen guitars let Laura know if you see them for sale anywhere!