Rob Marcello: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin' - tribute to the master from a master

Keith Whalen: Practicing a finger-twisting section of Alkan's Prelude Op. 31 No. 24

Plini: Live At The Dunlop Booth - NAMM 2016

Jack Daniels: War Of Ages - Lost In Apathy Playthru on Kiesel DC600

Lukasz Jurkiewicz: Deadpoint - Lapidus - Guitar Playthrough - super heavy!

Rabea Massaad: Toska EP Pre-Order and Chalk Teeth Playthrough

Timo Somers: goes polar bear mode for Killed by death Lacuna Coil 70k tons of metal 2016

Wes Thrailkill, Yasutaka Nomura: Mammoth - 'Innate' Additional Guitar Solos - Great stuff!