Scott Fernandez: Unplugged Series of - Rugrats VS Muppet Babies - stunning bass performance

Steve Vai: DiMarzio Dark Matter 2 Pickups

Jeremy Yong: Fusion solo - Little Big Shots - 11 year old on Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas

Greg Howe: Vincent Lyons - artistic videographer captures finger style solo at Cultuurpodium Boerderij 2016

Scott McGill: Hexatonic patterns - Sloninsky Thesaurus Pattern

Frank Gambale: Talks about the DV Mark FGC121 Combo

Justin Liew: Suhr - Coffee Break Grooves - 'Soul 1-1' playthrough

Rick Graham: Arpeggio Study - Black Friday Extended

Nick Johnston: Poison Touch - Featuring Gavin Harrison, Bryan Beller and Luke Martin

Filipe Paiva: demo his Suhr Modern Blue Denim.

Michael Lee Firkins: "Pentatonic phrasing" - Quick Guitar Lesson

Plini: Electric Sunrise - great times in Europe, July-August 2016

Tom Quayle: Legato for days - Facebook Livestream Replay

Javier Lima: Friedman shelby amp - AX8 Clean with boost and delay - fabulous tones

Lari Basílio: We Don't Talk Anymore - Funky Filter

Adrian Weiss, Jen Majura: Completely Cut Loose - coming soon

Farko Dosumov: Whispers master fusion bass

Greg Howe: Fantastic Guitar Jam Over A Funk Fusion Backing Track