Andrea Maccianti: magnificence Ax from e-Fx2 Patch - Bogner "Atma"

Sam Bell: Wampler Pedal Test - plus a few recent performances of classy tones

Ulisses Miyazawa: TNT Intuition

Mamoru Goriku: MI JAPAN- Invitation to Technical legato play

Joe Basilio, Lari Basilio: 3rd range of my EP Excelsis.

Gerald Gradwohl: Robocop Impro - literally! Get well soon!!

Felix Martin: BOM - two hands, two necks

Scott Van Zen: Letting Go - searing tribute to Chris

Dan Sugarman: Kiesel Guitars "Adrift" Live Playthrough

Scott Gailor: "Don't be that guy" NAMM Edition 2017 T.J.C.

Yvette Young: Ares playthrough of a single from Yvette's band Covet

Sloth Chubsteen: smoking guitar tones G minor ballad improv Yngwie Strat + Mesa Lonestar Combo

Fran Alonso: Suhr Classic T Guitar + Fractal Audio AX8

Bob Gjika: What is the Gjika Gainmaster all about.