Per Nilsson: Gnomonic Bluez

Roberto Barros: Killer Lick 4 - high note density, high economy finger articulation

Alex Stornello: Jazz metal improvisation and ballad metal

Husa Toledo: My guest solo for Cartoon Theory's Hypermodernity.

Rick Graham: Easing Myself Back to Shredding - fanfare from an uncommon man!

Lin,Gen: Abstracts - Wind Live in Shenzhen, China 2017

James Norbert Ivanyi: gets management company Wild Thing Presents.

Warren Hughes: Go Fund Me for Debut CD Release

Tom Quayle: in-store performance and hang out at Sound Affects Music

Michael Angelo Batio: Introduction Signature Overdrive Pedal

Jeff Kollman, Greg Marra: Episode 18 guitarist for Cosmosquad, Bombastic Meatbats, Glenn Hughes, Mogg/Way, Solo, etc. talks about his career

Andy James, Rick Graham, Sims Cashion: Exodus Pre Order the new album by Andy James

Ash Cook, Tom Moore, Kieran Hogarty: Valis Ablaze - Human (2017 Rag'n'Bone Man cover)

David Beebee: My in-depth tutorials and guitar lesson

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders US tour dates

Yasi Hofer: European Tour Dates

Danny Bryant: Making of Documentary Mini-Series

Alex Hutchings: “To Cry from Joy” 2017

Lari Basílio: Musicatele 30% Off Everything with code

Mike Campese: "Over the Top" - NAMM 2017

Tom Geldschläger: Obscura "Orbital Elements" solo cover

Chris Brooks: Gilbtrucci String Skipping.

Nili Brosh: The Chase Improv