Allen Hinds: ripping solo on Teen Town with Marco Mendoza,Steve Weingart, Joey Heredia

The Wolf of Transilvania: Sweep tapping - extended arpeggios from The Return of Shred

Brad Bradbury: Prog Metal Backing Track, Tool Style, E Phrygian major/dominant scale

Jeff Kollman: joins Alan Parsons Life Project for German tour dates

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Dan Patlansky: added to the fall UK tour dates

Hedras Ramos: Delivers Mind-Blowing ‘Lobotomy’ Video Single for upcoming album

Nick Andrew: Allan Holdsworth tribute 'The Uncommon Chord'

Allan Holdsworth: UK was crap I hated it! - Ear Of Newt - 1983 phone interview

Maneli Jamal, Illona Bolou, Shaï Sebbag: Promo for 4th edition of the International Guitar Rendezvous in Paris

Elisa Pisetta: Chords & melody - Grosh guitar demo

Rick Graham: remembering Sunday 7th May 1747

Nick Grivell: Guest Solo on Transparent by The Point Of It All

Red Frandany: My version of InstantNotationVideos Lick