Viz Maurogiovanni, William Stravato: "Humpty Dumpty" (C. Corea) - tasty fusion performance

Ryuuta Sasaki: Falling Star playthrough from the new album Follow the Feeling

Deshaggar: Bloody Roar 3 OST Beast Legacy Theme - steaming modern metal

Lari Basílio: Penta4Life - super tasty beefy noodles with crunch

Greg Koch: Wildwood Story Time • How Greg Chooses a Guitar

Mike Keneally: plays "In The Trees" Part 1 on EMGtv

John Petrucci: The Capt Meets The Mighty Beard of JP

Yasi Hofer: Blues Soloing

Mamoru Goriku: pulse neo classical original vehicle performed for Young guitar 2017 June issue

Keith Whalen: Charles Beriot and Bach - stunning electric guitar interpretations

Michael Gregory: E Lydian Jam - Messin' around over a jam track on my lunch break.

Cassio JC: Island - Classic original ballad soloing