Guitar Idol: number 8 - a chance for guitarists across the world to show their talent,

Dave Dunsire: 96 Quite Bitter 8 strings

Rick Graham: Melodic Arpeggios - Hybrid Picking

Joe Basílio: Excelsis - This is one of 5 songs that are in my instrumental work

Alessandro Benvenuti: E.S.P. SOLO Playthrough

Niko Tsonev: Guitar Playthrough - White Light - Moonparticle 2017

Michael Dolce, James Ivanyi, Chris Kamzelas: Promo for The Modern Guitarist workshop

Josh Martin: The Exorcist theme "Tubular Bells"

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Tapping Monday By Chocoslayc

Fabrizio Leo: Caionvico Land - Yamaha Guitars - Helix "Line 6" - Reference Cables

Nili Brosh: Mixolydian Goodness

T-cophony: Continuous rain - T-cophony (solo play) with ToneWoodAmp "Delay"and "Reverb"

Mamoru Goriku:『Evolution』Demonstration at BIGBOSS HIROSHIMA 2017 - explosive soloing

Widek, Stel Andre: Blue Moon

Michael Hirst, Angel Moroni: Nubia - Nuance (Guitar Playthough)

Marshall Harrison: Friday Night Live - the king of SWYBRYD back for another hour of musical performance and talk.

Derryl Gabel: Pentatonic Transformation Part 1

Xavier Boscher: Teaser Embryogenesis from Progressive metal artist