Kirill Konyaev: Soon, demo from upcoming album - sounding right on point

Greg Howe: Pedalboard SOS while on tour with Simon Phillips

Michael Sobin, Lens Kidman: Through The Distance

I Wayan Balawan: Forest - two handed , double neck, ethnic fusion

Stel Andre: Jam track Soul album 5 track 4

Adieu Adyu: CHON inspired Riff followed by some Tim Miller inspired chord voicing

Jack Thammarat: 'Sunshine Highway' |

Lorenzo Venza: Schecter Banshee Extreme Demo - tasty ripping

William Stravato: Schecter Banshee Extreme Demo

Fabiana Testa: Schecter Extreme Legacy - Omen Extreme - Stunning Demo

Haruka Noma: Asterism - Led Boots - ripping it up again!