Maria Barbieri: Suhr fusion guitar jam on backing track

Alex de Grassi, Michael Manring: "The Water Is Wide"

Julian Lage: "Atlantic Limited" (Live in Nashville)

Andy McKee: "Aerial Boundaries" at "Remembering Michael Hedges"

Matt McCourt: connecting with guitar guru Mike Varney and Deen Castronovo

Nori Bucci: Live performances from Novellifest 2017

John 5: "I Pooped My Pants" - too much detail?

Roopam Garg: Feathery - exquisite tapping and harmonics

German Schauss: The Essence of Being Collector's Package

Russ Pettit: My Event of the release of my New CD

Gustaf Fjelstrom: new Prologue EP - tasty tone - minimal/stripped-down ambient bass and percussion

Chantel McGregor: Live @ Brasserie Wenzel Luxembourg 2017 -includes extended improvisational song

Rick Beato: Audiophile or Audio-Fooled? How Good Are Your Ears?

Mike Kerr: Latino Breeze - ballad song from second CD