Matt Powell: Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human Solo - Improvised Cover

Zé Filho: recorded for a jam with other guitarists of our region

Paul Jackson Jr: Soul Driven demo + Xotic XSC-2 guitar - Full Song

Thomas McLaughlin: McRocklin - New Beginnings EP

Tony MacAlpine: Tears of Sahara (Live in Argentina)

Sam Coulson: Becoming a Pro Guitarist Clinic - Part 1 and 2

Seiji, Yuki: "Lost Block" / D_Drive Live 2018

Kelly Simonz: N.W.O with Blind Faith

Nili Brosh: Chorus and Line from New Song

Truth In Shredding: passes another milestone,

Ramon Ortiz: orozo/Mountain Hammer outro on Legator NinjaNRA8

Francesco Fareri: Heavy riff with inside picking

Yusuke Hiraga: G.O.D. - Advent - G.O.D.III Official Short Guitar Playthrough

Yamato Masaoka: G.O.D. - Saw A York / Yamato - G.O.D.III Official Short Guitar Playthrough

Rick Beato, Misha Mansoor: Periphery On SOUNDING OFF!

Sam Bell: Live Performance at Chichester College