Dustin Tomsen: 13 years old covers Greg Howe "Kick It All Over"

Angel Vivaldi: MELODIC DECADENCE US Tour & VIP Jam Upgrades

Nikolas Hatz: Terceira Ponte - original hybrid fusion performance

Millisa Henderson: jamming at Friedman

Widek: Adventurer featuring Sithu Aye Heads up for the new album incoming

Molly Tuttle: White Freightliner - Molly Tuttle Trio - Strawberry Music Festival 2017 - insane picking skills!

Prashant Aswani: Jamming Over a Backing Track

Jakub Żytecki: DispersE - Kites (official video)

Marco Puglisi, Keegan Donovan: SYNDRONE - playthrough from monster new album Chaos Mechanics featuring Paul Wardingham and Keegan Donovan!

Tiago Skiter: a little Howeish fusion and and some cool jazz

Nili Brosh: Verse from New Tune "Djentrification"