X Japan: Live In Japan 2018 Three Deep Red Nights At Makuhari Messe

Rick Beato: Guitar Gods Of The 70's: When Rock Went Rogue and When Rock Went Rogue

Larry Mitchell: Live from Bellvue WA

Andy Gillion: The Streets Of Rage Guitar Tone!

Kieran Johnston: incendiary licks from the Victory Amps artist

Brev Sullivan: Tapping Lick - go tab for that? Yes!!

Jennifer Batten: The Captain Meets Jennifer Batten

Tom Quayle, Daniel Seriff: Inner Urge

Rick Graham: Hybrid Picking - Pedal Point Patterns

Haruka Noma: ASTERISM Overdrive

Richard Hallebeek: Eus Veldhuisen - To Be Frank

Tomáš Raclavský: Rusti Abstract from master builder Claudio Rustignolli

Deepak Moktan: "All Star Jam Nepal" live in the studio

Tim Henson: "O.D." is from Polyphia's upcoming album

Javier Leal: Fusing over some Nick Johnston Looping