Ally Venable: Iridium/NYC BluesBroad 2018

Ally Venable: The Stanhope House - Stanhope, NJ - BluesBroad 2018

Charles Caswell: Armed Strobbery

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Midnight - Joe Satriani

Rex Cox: Uncured - trip through his solo in the new single "Terminal

Alessandro Benvenuti: Improvising over Mounting High's Groove by Simon Phillips!

Steve Vai: center stage for a continued 52 hours of music - with John 5, Vernon Reid, Tosin Abasi, Nuno Bettencourt

Luís Kalil, Steve Vai: Killer Jam session from the Big Mama Jama 2018

Yuki, Seiji: D_Drive performed at Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM on October 7th, 2018.

Andy James: new album and reviews STL Tonality