Yngwie Malmsteen: Blue Lightning - Album Trailer

Keven Eknes: "Into the Maze" (Original)

Darren Housholder: Randy Rhoads Remembered 2018 Music/ Event Reviews

Dallton Santos: Beautiful guitar song - "By the Edge of the Stream" -

Rob Favotto: The Nine Planets (Official Clip)

Michael Hermes: Hit the Eyes

Lee McKinney: Infinite Mind - The expansive solo release from Born of Osiris guitarist

Tramaine Jonathan: Jen Ascending - Time Has Left - wild soloing

Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel: Chon Dunlop Performance NAMM 2019

Alex Giallombardo, Mohini Dey: Squared Marbles

Stephen Taranto: Pixel Heart: Verdant

Gavin Iedema: Hot plate (demo)

Ben Eunson: NYC Artists + Sean Wayland- Arc Is Enough at 55 Bar, NYC - incredible soloing

Alessandro Benvenuti: Total Guitar Academy: Rock / Fusion course

Josh Martin: 12/8 Eight Finger Tapping Etude

Richard Daudé: Little Wing (finger-tapping)

Jay Parmar: Grow Your YouTube Music Channel | E1 | Three MAGIC 'C's!!! 😊

Sarah Longfield: This video is sponsored by Soundtrap

Irene Ketikidi: A church for all - Recorded live at Six D.O.G.S

Marty Friedman: Ninja Solo 2019

Akihiko Onji: KarDiaN/C10H12N2O

Shawn Lane: Discography Discussion - Official Releases

Lari Basílio: Half a minute of Lari Basilio getting all nostalgic and stuff with our June-60 Chorus pedal

Lee Luland: Eyes of Orpheus | Studio Teaser #1