Daniele Liverani, Simon Ciccotti: Worlds Apart- Guest Simon Ciccotti

Zack Brannon: Very last minute but here it is! My entry into #kieselsolocontest2019

Clément Durin: The Endless Dream - The Epic FFX Medley Part 2 Guest Solo

Jeff Loomis: Plumes First Impression - EarthQuaker Devices

Mamoru Goriku: Demonstration at Bigboss Hiroshima

Tora Dahle Aagård: Best Guitar Practices of Toradaa from 2019 Video

Juan Antonio: Allan Holdsworth, Olivier Messiaen's 3rd Mode of Limited Transposition.

Chelsea Constable: La Grange - ZZ Top/Billy Gibbons Outro Solo

Julian Lage: "Lullaby" (Official Video)

Nikki Stringfield: "Harmonies For The Haunted" Track Reveal #incoming