Stefan Joubert: stunning street guitar magician

Guthrie Govan: Stratus in India

Panos Arvanitis: so busy I have to play faster!

Greg Harrison: 8 and 9 strings for PDP

Misha Mansoor: The Djent Set #7

Andy James: High Gain Black Star Amps

Julia Kosterova: blindfolded playing Petrucci solo

Sam Bell, Adam Bell: An Empire Forgotten - Djenter X?

Richie Kotzen: Eve Kotzen covers a Richie classic.

Rob Chappers: Bare Bones (Demos 2000-2010)

Richie Kotzen: Acoustic Blackmore Bar, Sao Paulo

Ewan Dobson: Amazing acoustic guitar trance

Paul Gilbert: Disgustingly Awesome guitar solos