Lee Jihye: "Sonny Moon" - Practical Seoul Music School Guitar Festival

Brad Bradbury: Heavy Metal Backing Track in E minor - with Monk theme :)

Rob Guz: Zarabeth (A. Holdsworth), theme and solo changes in 11-stringed rendition

Steffen Schackinger: Circles - From 'Fire Dance' CDs, Guitar Tabs, and downloads available

Felix Martin: Eight Moon Headdress - Venezuelan Protests - US Tour Dates - back home the struggle is real...

Andee Blacksugar: And The Rats Were Upon Us - Sheer Velocity

Claudio Pietronik: Steven Wilson: Pariah Guitar solo version - Even better than the real thing...

Chris Bieniek: Solaris - written over Solar Changes from new album The Velvet Worm - top jazz fusion

Tom Morello: Prophets Of Rage - Live In Paris 2017 - Nowayfarer

Eric Steckel: Western Maryland Blues Festival - Hagerstown, MD 2017

Jared James Nichols: Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 power amp

Kevin Pedersen: Bach Inventions - Bach To The Future!

Simone Dow: Voyager - Ghost Mile Guitar Playthrough

Samantha Fish: The Zoo Bar and Greeley Blues Jam performances

Momo: Vengeance - Yngwie Malmsteen guitar cover

Kirill Konyaev: demos his extraordinary technique on the Padalka Guitars - "MS-6 Konyaev"

Rick Graham: Breakdown of the 'WTF?!' Lick and Try This Dreamy Arpeggio Sequence

t-cophony: plays the double-neck guitar "In Corner"

Mamoru Goriku: 4K Nightmare

Joe Bonamassa, Tina Guo: "Woke Up Dreaming" - Live From Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening

Sam Coulson: Journey/ASIA tour 2017

Mike Orlando: takes you through the new track "King Of The Ring"