Sunday, 24 May 2015

Doug Steele: George Lynch: hammer on thing

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George Lynch: hammer on thing
Doug Steele

Pensen Paletti: a new take on the one man band!

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As spotted by Brett Garsed, clever way of adding drums to your guitar playing.

Brett Garsed
Absolutely brilliant!!
▬ Bumm-Guitar ▬ Pensen Paletti ▬

Richie Allan: something wicked this way comes... from JTC

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Expecting some great licks from the master finger burning lick maestro Richie Allan

Jason English: Transcend - Weight Of The World Instrumental E​.​P

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Jason English: Transcend - Weight Of The World
1. Weight Of The World 04:46
2. Set Me Free 04:52
3. Empathy 04:40
4. Release 04:34
5. Finally Free 04:56

I have literally put a lot of hard work, time and effort into making this and as always it makes me extremely proud to be able to showcase this.

the album is about my current under goings which entailed drastic changes in my life both life changing and lifestyle changes.

i hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i did recording it!
released 23 May 2015

Promotion - Farhan Rahman Chowdhury

Artwork - Ascent Design

All Recording, Production work and musical Scoring are property of Jason English.

Wayne Krantz: Black Swan - live in Prague

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music starts at 1:26 - for best quality watch at 1080p -

Wayne Krantz Trio

Black Swan (Thom Yorke)

w/ Nate Wood - Bass
Cliff Almond - Drums

at Jazzdock - Prague, CZ

filmed with Eumig Super 8.

Wayne Krantz - Black Swan - live in Prague (HD)