Monday, 2 March 2015

Steve Saluto: New EP - The Silver Skull Legend

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Steve Saluto - The Silver Skull Legend

Guitarist, musician/songwriter, producer, audio engineer and avid music fan Steve Saluto releases "The Silver Skull Legend"

Steve Saluto has given to the music market another rock solid creation from his solo career with "The Silver Skull Legend". The Ep will be available on and only for the digital music market - Jan 10th 2015.

On this Ep, Steve played every instrument following everything from recording to mixing, mastering and production as its a showcase for his new Manne Signature Guitar called "The Silver Skull Legend". Residing in Treviso (Italy), Steve Saluto began playing guitar at the age of fifteen. After taking jazz guitar lessons, he was inspired by the Eddie Van Halen solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It" to take up playing rock. The guitar whiz has never looked back... The seed was planted and the rest is music history in the making.

In addition to being a talented guitar player and band leader, Steve is an in-demand writer and producer for up-and-coming artists as well as working with legendary musicians alike. As a recording artist, Steve has written and produced 12 solo / band recordings featuring his diverse guitar styles ranging from jazz to rock and playing and recording with musicians such as Buddy Miles, Darryl Jones (Sting/Rolling Stones), Danny Gottlieb (Pat Metheny Group), Jeff Berlin, Doug Wimbish (Living Colours), Brian Tichy (Billy Idol/Foreigner), Richie Kotzen (Poison/Mr Big), Oni Logan (Lynch Mob) just to name a few. And, he also owns a recording studio in San Biagio di Callalta (TV).

"The Silver Skull Legend" feature 4 diverse songs that while the foundations are rock, Saluto isn’t afraid to add colors of R&B, funk and
hard-hitting provocative melodic rock too. Starting it off, we have the rousing song "Take Me Home (The Return)" with it's spellbinding lyrics and hypnotic groove. The guitar sounds are bewitching with bawdy guitar riffs, flirtatious hooks and salacious lead solos. "Doing You Again" is a real funky rhythmic number with a touch of R&B stylings. The commanding vibe called "My Wish"is a marching progression full of energizing moments. And at last but not least, we have the velvety smooth "Frozen" with its effortless sound and mesmeric melody. Steve's vocals on this celebrated EP are alluring with his impassioned and provocative story telling lyrics.

"The Silver Skull Legend" is a short but sweet introduction to Steve Saluto’s musical world. Come check it out for yourself.

The Silver Skull Legend by Manne Guitars - Steve Saluto signature model

Panos Arvanitis: Ballad in B minor Fender YJM Sonic Blue Scalloped - yum!

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Ballad in B minor Fender YJM Sonic Blue Scalloped
Panos Arvanitis
Ballad in B minor Fender YJM Sonic Blue Scalloped.I used my POD Xt pro rack Line6 .Chemical X amp,Brit 75 cabinet ,tube screamer boost ..Thank you all for your support.Reaching,almost ,10.000 subscribers.Thank you again
Watch it on HD

PJ d'Atri: Solo Trilogy #1 Jason's Pecker

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PJ d'Atri - Solo Trilogy #1 (Jason's Pecker)
PJ d'Atri
Hey guys!

It's me again with one of my Trilogy Solos I wrote for my everyday practice and maintenance!

Hope you guys enjoy the solo, as well as the soothing sounds of Mr. Becker and Mr. Friedman shredding their song "The Ninja" by Cacophony at the beginning/end of this video.

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Shred out!

Joe Bonamassa: Shake For Me - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks

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Joe Bonamassa - Shake For Me - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks
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“They always try to write off the blues; well we’ve proven tonight that at least 9,000 people like the blues,” said celebrated blues rock master Joe Bonamassa who will release his highly anticipated Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks on DVD, Blu-ray and CD set on March 24, 2015. The exclusive concert experience tributing blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf was filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheater over Labor Day weekend in 2014. Carved into the bedrock of Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains, the famed amphitheater sets the stage for Bonamassa’s fiery delivery of over 2.5 hours of bluesy guitar-wailing and horn-filled tunes honoring the two Blues greats. Playing to a sold-out crowd of 9,000 fans, this marks the biggest show of Bonamassa’s career, a major milestone for the bluesman. The Blu-ray and DVD contains over 1.5 hours of bonus features including exclusive behind the scenes footag

Remy Hansen: Ibanez PGM-FRM1 and Hughes & Kettner Coreblade - terrific tapping

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Ibanez PGM-FRM1 and Hughes & Kettner Coreblade
Remy Hansen
Ibanez PGM-FRM1 and Hughes & Kettner Coreblade