Thursday, 17 April 2014

Brian Welch, James Shaffer,Shane Gibson: Korn guitarists pay tribute to Shane

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shane Gibson's friends, fans and family following the passing of our dear friend.

Shane Gibson was Korn's touring guitarist from 2007 to 2010 and a member of Jonathan Davis' solo band, The SFA's. He will be greatly missed.

"I've never had the pleasure of meeting Shane, but I'm honored he was able to fill my spot after I left Korn. He was an amazing guitarist. Hopefully we can jam together in the next life. RIP brother." - Brian "Head" Welch

"Shane Gibson, you were an amazing guitar player and an amazing person. Your kindness and talent will be missed. I'm very fortunate to have known you." - James "Munky" Shaffer


Shane Gibson - you can pre order the stork album... a tribute to Shane's playing

VK Lynne,Shane Gibson: remembering Shane - things that make you smile

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VK Lynne
I sat down with my guitar last night, and while I was fishing around for a pick, I found this one…
It was roughly 3 years ago, at a rehearsal, when I said to Shane , "Yo dude, you got an extra pick?" He was scratching his eye, and he said "Yeah, girl, here-" He stops scratching, reaches into his bag, grabs this and hands it to me while he turns to Eloy and says, "Man, I can't seem to get rid of this pink eye…"
I looked at his hand. His eye. The pick. Back to Shane.
"Really, dude???"

After a horribly long yesterday, THAT made me smile.

Shane Gibson - you can pre order the stork album... a tribute to Shane's playing

Neal Nagaoka,Shane Gibson: Evangelist - a tribute to Shane

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Neal Nagaoka
This was a tune my friend Ermon Harris wrote, played bass and recorded in my studio featuring good buddy, the late Shane Gibson. The song was called Evangelist. We recorded several guitar solos that session and as a little tribute to Shane Gibson, I took a few of his solos and even one that I did to make this short little instrumental version of my friends tune. RIP Shane.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matthew Wicklund,Van Williams: time is running out... just $1500 short of the target.. 4 days to go... can you help ?

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'Get Drawn Into The Album Art' - Last Week Price Reduction
We have reduced the price of the 'Get Drawn Into The Album Art' perk and 'Become a Ghostly Character On The Album' perk for our last week to help us hit the goal! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a ghostly character on the album, check out the perk on the Ghost Ship Octavius kickstarter page. You could have your voice recorded on the album, and likeness drawn into the album artwork!

Lalle Larsson: Electric Trio - live date

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Lalle Larsson Electric Trio will be playing live at

Into Music - Lund, Sweden - 25/4, 2014
Tickets available:

Progressive Circus Festival - Salongen, Helsingborg, Sweden 26/4, 2014
Tickets available:

Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Walle Wahlgren - Drums
Alfred Andersson - Bass