Monday, 29 September 2014

Lari Basílio: Palco ASK - Expomusic 2014

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Stage ASK:. Attend the presentation of guitarist Lari Basilio |

Lari Basilio | Palco ASK - Expomusic 2014

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead joins Obscura as their new guitar-player

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“It gives me great pleasure to anounce that I’ve joined Obscura as their new guitar-player. Having already worked with Linus and past members Christian and Hannes in recent projects and having followed the band’s career closely since their very first tour, the transition felt completely natural. Taking over Christians duties in the band makes me feel equal parts proud and at ease, since we’ve known and respected each other for many years. I’m very much looking forward to touring the world with my fantastic new band-mates, entering the studio for a new record VERY soon and also being able to bring my playing on both fretted and fretless guitars to a wider audience through this exciting new opportunity.” – Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger

“Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger and Sebastian Lanser will add some new and fresh vibes to Obscura’s trademark sound. Adding fretless guitars and more fusion drumming will definitely influence our songwriting. I am looking forward desperately to work with this new talented group of musicians on the fourth record. At the moment we are in the middle of writing new material, rearranging previously written ideas and start preparing the upcoming liveshows in 2015. First festivals will be announced soon, worldwide touring activities follow the album release. With a new record, intense performances and a full live production we want to meet our fans & friends around the globe!” – Steffen Kummerer

Fountainhead is the alter-ego of guitar player / composer / producer Tom Geldschläger. Currently operating from his studio in berlin, germany, Tom has appeared on countless records as a guitar player, arranger, producer, mixing-engineer and sometimes keyboard player. He recorded and toured with artists like Ray Riendeau, Marco Minnemann, Jimmy Pitts, Xell, The Living among others and has been featured in various magazines around the globe, most recently “guitar plus” and “gitarre & bass”. Fountainhead is endorsed by Steinberg Software, Loxx Products, Soultool Guitars and GoodTone Pickups, from which “Fountainhead signature” guitar models and pick-up sets are available.

Obscura is:

Steffen Kummerer – guitars & vocals
Tom Geldschläger – guitars
Linus Klausenitzer – bass
Sebastian Lanser – drums

Rebecca Scammon: A-7 Tapping Lesson With Right Hand Variations

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A short lesson building off of my previous video (Fmaj7 Tapping Lesson) where I explain the pattern for tapping a minor 7 string skipping arpeggio, and go into further detail about connecting arpeggios and using different note variations with the right hand.

A-7 Tapping Lesson With Right Hand Variations

FMaj7 Tapping Lesson

Juan P Moran, Adolfo FH, Carlos Arca: Ad Sacram - Tri Spanish Jam

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Original song composed, tracked and mixed by:
Official YouTubeChannel:
Adolf FH
Official YouTube Channel:
Carlos Arcay
Official Facebook:
Official YouTube Channel:

Gear: Godin rediline, Ibanez mtm2, axe fx II firmaware 14 and 15.03
Three guitar players from Galicia (Spain) Adolfo FH, Carlos Arcay and Juanpmoran shows a different approach on the same backing track but always keeping that 80´s shreddy vibe.

Brian Carroll: Buckethead double yolker with Calamity Cabin and Carnival of Cartilage

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Brian Carroll: Buckethead Calamity Cabin
1. Calamity Cabin 02:43
2. Walking In Circles 04:21
3. The Forest Sings 05:26 
4. Downpour 01:42 
5. What a Weird Room 02:56
6. Found in the Tomb 05:20
7. Hollow Door 03:06
8. Beware of Quicksand 04:16

released 27 September 2014

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Carnival of Cartilage
1. Carnival of Cartilage 29:00

released 27 September 2014