Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brev Sullivan: Carvin HH2 guitar demo

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Brev Sullivan playing a Carvin HH2 guitar in a practice studio session. Snippets heard in the video are:
1.Giant Steps, 2. Blues in Bb, 3. Proto Cosmos. The HH2 guitar is designed and by Carvin and world renowned jazz fusion legend Allan Holdsworth. Available as a custom shop model from

Carvin HH2 guitar demo w Brev Sullivan

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Nita Strauss: Sturgis Interview, Christmas Pudding solo and I'm Eighteen lesson

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Nita Strauss first made a name for herself as a member of the all female tribute band The Iron Maidens. Since then her amazing skills on guitar have been recognized by some big names in music. She's signed on to tour with Alice Cooper and Motley Crue for their final tour and her prowess on 6-strings has been recognized by numerous brands and publications. Nita took the time to sit down with Sturgis Rider TV for a brief interview before her first show ever at the legendary Buffalo Chip to talk about coming on to play with a legend, touring with Motley Crue and what it feels like to be the hottest woman in rock.
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Rock Goddess Nita Strauss' Sturgis Interview - Studio 14

Nita Strauss guitar solo - Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding, Phx, AZ 12-13-14

Nita Strauss Lesson: How to Play Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen"

Anton Davidyants,Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: Чай для двоих - Laney All Stars Jam - NAMM 2015

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We were joined on the Laney Booth at NAMM by the incredible musicianship of Anton Davidyants, Tom Quayle and Martin Miller as they had a jam over the Miles Davis track 'Blue In Green'.

Laney All Stars Jam - NAMM 2015

Mike Stern: with small Lap axe NAMM 2015

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This video is about Lap axe w Mike stern

Mike Stern & Lap axe @NAMM 2015

Francesco Fareri: Mechanism Reloaded - GHS Strings NAMM 2015

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NAMM 2015 Anaheim CA USA Januay 24th

Francesco Fareri performing solo songs for GHS Strings.

Guitar Lessons in Rome or by Skype
NAMM 2015 GHS Strings / Francesco Fareri - Mechanism Reloaded