Allan Holdsworth: Dead at 70 - one the world's greatest guitar players passes RIP

Allan Holdsworth (6 August 1946 – 16 April 2017) was a British guitarist and composer. He released twelve studio albums as a solo artist and played a variety of musical styles spanning a period of more than four decades, but is best known for his work in jazz fusion.

On April 16th 2017 Allan Holdsworth's family posted a public announcement of Holdsworth's untimely death. Cause of death was not mentioned.

Laurie Monk: To my mind, Allan Holdsworth is the greatest player ever, a total original, an iconoclast, self motivated. His legato style has inspired a generation of players. An original, a one off, a man of his own mind.  This originality and drive lead to music not heard before, performed to the highest of levels, a tone and performance all his own. His playing attracted the best players, who loved to perform at the highest of levels. Stretching boundaries with new devices like the Synth Axe

and the baritone guitar Gonan

My thoughts and prayers are given to his family, child…

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