Monday, 27 July 2015

Dallton Santos: Behind the song : Mind Control from excellent new rock fusion album

Links to this post Dallton Santos on behind the song Mind Control, a rock fusion song from The Inner Things new album.

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Physical album release date is August 01, 2015.

Instagram @Dallton_Santos

Behind the song : Mind Control ( Dallton Santos - The Inner Things )

Luis Kalil: Insight track from the new album

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1 Insight
2 The Journey Has Begun
3 Flying in the Illusion
4 Grey Sky (Interlude)
5 Mr. Fire
6 The Chase
7 Keeper Alive
8 Back Home

Luís Kalil - Insight

Walter Trout: Playing with Fire Concert, Omaha, 2015

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Fundraiser for Donate Life Nebraska. Thanks Walter for a great night and we are all glad you're back!!

Walter Trout Playing with Fire Concert – Omaha, NE 07/26/2015
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