Rie a.k.a. Suzaku, Juna Serita,Tamu Murata: Instrumental Summit Vol.11 Ladies Night 2017

Rie aka Suzaku Instrumental Summit Vol.11 Ladies Night 6 May 21, 2017 (water)

Kichijoji Silver Elephant Cast:
Rie aka Suzaku (G) /
Asucah (Kb) /
Murata Tam (Dr) /
Serita Juna (B)

Rie aka Official Web Site Suzaku Http://Www.Poppin.Jp/rie_web/index.Html

Hi, I'M Rie, A Female Guitarist From Japan. Currently, I'M Doing Concerts Mainly At Tokyo. Also, I Compose My Own Music and lyrics. In 2010, I made my debut with mini-album titled "Messiah" then in 2011, 2nd mini "Mother Earth" was released. And in 2012, 3rd mini "Dreaming Eyes" brought me two domestic tours! These titles are .
 Now Available On ITunes As Well
Http: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/mess ... 
Http: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/moth ... 
Http://Itunes.Apple .com / jp / album / drea ... 
http: // ...
Https: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/son ... 
Https: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/noa ... 
Https://Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/ ... Sev 
Https: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/don .…

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