Brian Carroll: buckethead unmasked, is this for real?

[NOTE - keep the dead videos, to prove there were some videos there... strange how they keep getting deleted or accounts closed... I sometimes think this post has a life of its'own]

updated: 01/05/2016

Not buckethead... but what a recent shot of Fanalo Alaux would look like with a bucket on his head.

Josh Freese Talks about Buckethead

Brian Carroll: Brain Talks About Buckethead

Sad news

Tom Carroll, athletic director at Damien High School for 40 years until his retirement in 2013, passed away late Wednesday night after a lengthy illness at 84. Carroll,  had three daughters, Lynn, Lisa and Laurie, and two boys John and Brian aka Buckethead. RIP

Full details

Buckethead - Watching The Boats With My Dad

updated: 01/09/2014
Google search is a little confused about who Buckethead really is... surely Google can't get that wrong?

updated: 13/07/2014
Brian Carroll's mum passed away and this is the album he dedicated to Nancy York Carroll's memory. RIP

Hold Me Forever (In memory of my mom Nancy York Carroll)

Buckethead - For Mom

updated:  08-04-2013

Confirmation that Rusty Cooley is NOT Buckethead

updated:  06-10-2013

Final confirmation that Paul Gilbert is NOT Buckethead!

Q: Are you Buckethead?
A: No. I am not Buckethead.
But in 9th grade I was Pete Willis from Def Leppard.

Buckethead frames from videos, these would be quite old now, so even if they are unmasked... there not what Buckethead unmasked in 2013 looks like... we continue the search.

Brian Carroll? 

Brian Carroll, ironically looks like a young Paul Gilbert

updated: 26-09-2013
Brian Carroll with the late Shawn Lane
Brian Carroll: buckethead -
"Met him a few times. I greatly respect the guy's playing, he was technically untouchable."
If we could just ask Shawn Lane who is buckethead... Sadly Shawn Lane passed away 10 years ago to this date... RIP

Shawn Lane talks about Buckethead (AIM, Atlanta - 24th Aug 1993)

updated: 29-07-2013

Is buckethead actually Australian?

updated: 27-07-2013
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questions people ask...

Q. what is buckethead's height?
A. 6'6"  aka a tall guy...

Tall guy with Joe Satriani... but is it Buckethead? or is it our old friend Fanalo?

Same tall guy with Paul Gilbert... but is it Buckethead? If it is... it proves Paul Gilbert is not Buckethead... or is it our old friend Fanalo?

Q Is Buckethead an Alien from another Planet?
A... Don't know!

I do know that videos and images of so called sightings of the elusive Buckethead often disappear from the Internet... indeed some of those posted here have mysteriously gone? But who has the power to do that?... an Alien?

Q Has anyone ever asked if Brian Carroll is Buckethead?
A... only his mum knows!

Young Brian Carroll with ClassX featuring Ed Greenwald on lead Vocals, Russ Brown - Guitar, Robert Shueneman - Bass, Mark Helinski - Drums. Here's a start at reposting some great footage from the 80's


A reminder that Fanalo is not Buckethead.. from Fanalo Facebook page


Fanalo is a french guitar Player born in 1974. Playing since 1988, one of his main project is his work with the bass Player El Mobo in the band named "Plug-in". He also has played as the side man of the amazing US guitarlegend Ron Thal Aka Bumblefoot (Guns&roses) and Jammed with others Guitarmonsters like Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin, Shawn Lane, Patrick Rondat... By the way: he's not buckethead ; )

then there's

Pike 13 is the forty-third studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the thirteenth installment in the Buckethead Pikes Series.[1] The album was part of a series of ten Pikes which were announced in close succession from one another during the first half of 2013.

The album was hinted at when Buckethead announced "Pike 14" shortly after announcing "Pike 12" leaving a gap between both albums leaving people to speculate about the missing "Pike 13" album. On May 13, Buckethead's 44th birthday, Buckethead announced "Pike 15" as a limited edition album and shortly after during the day he also released "Pike 13". Unlike any of the pikes released during this period this album was released immediately as a standard edition album without giving any samples or information about it.

The album shows an unmasked teenager Buckethead hugging his father. The cover comes at a time in which Buckethead's father has been ill [2][3] and it also marks the first time the artist officially reveals his face to the public.

You can you the Pikes albums here:

Looking for fan art?

Fanalo Alaux and Brian Carroll... easy to see why they might get confused.

Ask yourself why do all the videos disappear, why do the accounts get closed... are we closing in? ... look at the guys hands... could it be a real fake?

Fake Buckethead plays Guns N' Roses "If The World"


A special 4th of July 2012 review of the latest buckhead unmasked series!

Ibanez "X Series Rocket Roller II"

Buckethead minus bucket... but still very much masked.

This guys not buckethead unmasked... but I'll let you tell him...

Just one frame... is this Buckethead playing live a good time before he became so famous and chicken orientated?

Young Buckethead Unmasked

Ed Greenwald, Russ Brown, Robert Shueneman and Brian Carroll(Buckethead) Some good music . Enjoy! All credits to WildeHorseStudios


Fanalo Alaux often times confused with Buckethead, (see images later in this post) study deeply these videos and see if there are any likenesses... I think not... but may be I am wrong?


Well... this looks like a fake one

Buckethead's Face Unmasked New Video Footage

This one is real, but blurred.

Buckethead Unmasked Cactus Club Soundcheck

This one is real... but from some time back...

Ed Greenwald, Russ Brown, Robert Shueneman and Brian Carroll(Buckethead) Some good music . Enjoy! All credits to WildeHorseStudios

Young Buckethead Unmasked


Another alleged video posted on YouTube... this one looked real to me.

Buckethead, aka Brian Patrick Carroll Is this for real?!!

buckethead unmasked 100% real

or a space ride?

Buckethead UFO Ride - REAL NASA Footage!

Plus the Biog from Spotlight

Another alleged photo:
Is this Buckethead too?

Is this Buckethead too?

Is this Buckethead too?

or is that Fanalo Alaux?

BucketHead and Fanalo mix up

Paul Gilbert knows who Brian Carroll is in an interview he was asked about Buckethead:

Paul Gilbert: “That was great. He was a great student. He was really young. Actually, we were both really young. I think I was about eighteen. …He was about fifteen at the time. Of course if your fifteen, you can’t drive, so his Mom used to bring him down to the lessons. He was super fast even then and he wasn’t wearing a bucket. He was just a normal kid. I saw him in an airport a couple of years ago. He had super long hair so I didn’t recognize him at first. I just figured it was another musician who wants to say hello. As he got closer, I realized he was the kid I used to teach that turned into Buckethead. He was super cool. It was nice to see him.”

Keep those photos coming!

Here's a new video "From the young buckethead dvd. Buy it after watching. If you do not buy it a panda dies."

Buckethead Unmasked - Cactus Club Soundcheck

This video is for all those who doubt the influence that Pebber Brown's instruction had on a young Brian "Buckethead" Carroll. This is for educational purposes only and all copyrights remain with the original copyright holders. Special thanks to Adam Steinz for his help and tips on how to acquire this phenomenal material.

Pebber Brown's Influence on Buckethead !

Buckethead dancing in a London's bar - but with mask

Is this one correct...

I noticed buckethead's face on the cover of electric tears. but the pic was negative ( I hardly noticed it ) so I filmed the cover on nigative mode. & the face showed up!!!
it's a bit CREEPY !

BUCKETHEAD's real face!!

These are likely to be incorrect:

Good grief it is amazing what some of you will believe. First of all Brian Carroll never played in a band in Canada. 2nd this is not the American Band Class-X that was formed in 1986 and featured Brian Caroll as my lead guitarist in 87 and 88. 3rd I had a Mike in the band but his name was not ClassXMike it was Michael Hakopian now known as Pinchface. And lastly ClassXMike should be chiming in here letting you all know that this band NEVER included Buckethead.
Beethoven - Für Elise - Class X

Not Buckethead?

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