Friday, 23 January 2009

Doug Aldrich: euro clinic dates

Fresh from NAMM show, Doug Aldrich is doing a European clinic tour next month. Here are the dates:

Part 1: Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich Demos the Marshall's New MG Amps at NAMM 2009

Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich Demos New Marshall MG Amps at NAMM 2009, Part II

Saturday, February 14 + Sunday, February 15
Nemesis Guitar School
15 Kadmou
65302 Kavala
Tel +30 69 447 68068

Monday, February 16
Future Music School
Hanauer Strasse 15
63739 Aschaffenburg
Tel +49 6021 25575

Tuesday, February 17
MAI Music Academy International
12 Avenue du XXe Corps
54010 Nancy-Cedex
Tel +33 3 8339 7070

Thursday, February 19
Lucky Music Store
Viale Cassala 7/2
20143 Milano
Tel +39 02 839 5060

Saturday, February 21
Jolly Music Store
Via Roma 14
46010 Montanara Di Curtatone (MN)
Tel +39 0376 49836

Wednesday, February 25
ACM The Academy of Contemporary Music
Bridge Street
Guilford, Surrey
Tel +44 1483 500 800

Friday, February 27
The Works Music Store
Rue Jacques-Dalphin 51
1227 Carouge/Geneva
Tel +41 22 300 1393

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots: 1991

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots and a solo from 1991 recording project. Video by Jana Doniger.

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots solo 1991

Mike Campese: namm shredding 2009 2

Here is another video of Mike Campese playing one of his tunes titled "Shred Machine" at the Fender booth at NAMM 09, using the Ik Multimedia Fender software.

NAMM 09 Mike Campese live at the Fender booth

Marcel Coenen: lemur voice.

Lemur Voice video from 1995 when the band was still called "Aura". This was before the first album came out on Magna carta records. The song is called "More Of Nothing" and can be found on the first album "Insights" released in 1996. The video is shot during a gig in Geleen (south of the Netherlands). It was the first big gig for the band (approx 1500 people)

Lemur Voice - More Of Nothing live 1995 Geleen (Netherlands)

News: guitar success another train site

Yet another guitar lesson course.
"UNIQUE Guitar Success Training Course is Your #1 Fastest, Guaranteed, and Coolest Lessons For Improving Your Guitar Playing...While Saving Guitarists Piles of Cash!" Accelerating Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Players!


Code Shred talks about the Guitar Success Training Course.

Code Shred's Review of Guitar Success

Ugur Dariveren: funking the fast finger flux

Ugur Dariveren says:
I just improvised over the Mr. Fasfinger's The Ninja Beat.

Mr. Fast Finger The Ninja Beat Improvisation By Ugur Dariveren

Jeremy Barnes: blistering winds I

The beginning of a series of posts featuring super Aussie shredder Jeremy Barnes.

Jeremy Barnes super shred 001

Jeremy Barnes super shred 002

Jeremy Barnes super shred 003

Charles Shaughnessy: namm photos

Charles Shaughnessy posted some photos from NAMM 2009 with his mate Francesco Artusato. Full list

A selection:
Guthrie Govan, Charles Shaughnessy, Francesco Artusato

Allan Holdsworth and Charles Shaughnessy

Rusty Cooley: old and new

old and new sides of Rusty Cooley.

RustyCooley Piece Of Mind Song

Rusty Cooley Hillbilly Militia Song

Rex Carroll: fierce heart

Rex Carroll of Whitecross performs his guitar solo at Cornerstone 91m... thanks to Diazep

Cornerstone 91 Rex Carroll solos nagasake

Steve Vai: limms 2009 promo

Steve Vai invites invites you to the London Guitar Show at The London International Music Show 2009 (LIMS 2009) held at the world class ExCeL exhibition centre, London Docklands June 11th to 14th 2009.

Steve Vai Invites you to the London Guitar Show at LIMS 2009

Paul Gilbert: racer x treme 3

Racer X at private show thrown by Ibanez. NAMM 2009 All original members, except guitarist Bruce Bouillet

Racer X Namm 2009- Heart of a Lion

Racer X NAMM 2009- Hammer Away

Marcos De Ros: choro'n'roll

Marcos De Ros says:
When I start to play choro (a brazilian traditional style, close to samba), people tell me that I ve ben very impertinent. So I choose this one, Atrevido (bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, impertinent, temerarious, resolute, insolente, resolute) as my first ChoronRoll video.

Atrevido - Waldyr Azevedo -:- Marcos De Ros - Choro'n'Roll

Rusty Cooley: metal rules interview


What can shred heads expect from Rusty Cooley in 2009?:
Well in 2009 you can expect more instructional DVD's, I'm hopefully gonna get out there and do some guitar clinics and master classes and just more exposure, like I said I'm working on some stuff with Derek and hopefully we're gonna see some of that come to light in 2009.

As well your gonna be able to hear a track with Derek. March is the release of Derek's solo album "Molecular Heinosity" which I have a track on there called "Frozen By Fire" that we co-wrote together. So, those are gonna be the big things man. I'm excited and can't wait to see what else comes up.
full interview

Jason Becker: classic rock revisited interview

Classic Rock revisited interview Jason Becker.

Yes. On Mother’s Day in 1989, I woke up with a painful cramp in my left calf muscle. It remained as a lazy feeling in my leg. I spent months trying to exercise it away. I toured with Cacophony and went to Japan like this. Finally my toe started dragging a little. When I was living in LA because of Roth, my dad told me I better go get it checked out. My sweet friend, Miko, went to the hospital with me. After some tests, they told us it might be ALS. I knew nothing about ALS. I called my parents and told them it might be some weird nerve thing. I wasn’t worried, but they were...

I never experienced shock. Anger came way later, but it was never at my fate. I got impatient with people who had to do more and more things for me. I definitely experienced denial, but it felt more like positive energy. I was too busy and happy to even think about it. I was always positive and upbeat about it. I wanted to keep my family and friends happy and free from worry. I also felt no sadness for quite some time. I purposefully did not research ALS at all. I didn’t care about stats. I am a different kind of person. I am strong.
full interview

Alex Lifeson: modern guitars interview

Skip Daly interviews Alex Lifeson for modern guitar.

I don’t know. I don’t think it’s guitars. I have so many guitars and they all feel different to me, and they all respond differently. I use them like tools, for different things, one guitar will be better suited than another, whether it’s for performance or for the sound. And amps, think you could have a wall of amps and get a good sound out of any one of them.

I don’t know how much emphasis I’d put on the technical end of it to be honest with you. I’m pretty confident that you could give me any amp and any guitar, and I’ll get the kind of sound that I’m searching for.
full interview

Mattias IA Eklundh: namm 2008

Mattias IA Eklundh at NAMM 2008: Convention Floor Performances Mix #3

NAMM 2008: Convention Floor Mix #3

George Lynch: junkman namm interview


Junkman talks with George Lynch at the Randall Amplifiers booth (Part 1)

NAMM 2009: Junkman talks with George Lynch @ the Randall Amplifiers booth

Matias Kupiainen: win tickets for stratovarious uk tour dates


Stratovarius will hit the UK for a couple of exclusive European shows before starting into the festival season 2009.

Yes, you got it right: fans in the UK will be the very first to see them live in 2009 and witness Kupiainen’s introduction on stage. (25-year old Finnish guitarist Matias Kupiainen replaced former Stratovarius axe/mouthpiece Timo Tolkki, who has moved on and formed REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE).

In addition to that Stratovarius will also perform one show in Warsaw, Poland at Progresja right after the Wacken Rocks festivals.

New confirmed dates so far:
15 - Wolverhampton, England - Wulfrun Hall
16 - Nottingham, England - Rock City
17 - Glasgow, Scotland - Cathouse
18 - London, England - Islington O2 Academy
19 - Manchester, England - Academy 2
20 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
22 - Kreuth /Aurich, Germany - Wacken Rocks
23 - Kreuth / Aurich, Germany - Wacken Rocks
24 - Warzaw, Poland - Progresja
29 - Moscow, Russia - CDK MAI
30 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Glavclub

21 - Clisson, France - Hellfest

11 - Vizovice, Czech Republic - Masters of Rock

plus your chance to win tickets...

"Two pairs of VIP tickets to be given away at each show in Scotland, England and Ireland. These tickets gives you access to a meet and greet with the band and photo opportunities etc.

These are the questions you must answer correctly: "

Allan Holdsworth: carvin namm 1997

Can't get enough NAMM? Well here's an earlier NAMM, 1997, with one of the worlds greatest guitar players ever... Allan Holdsworth.

Allan Holdsworth - Carvin NAMM show 1997

Dimitar Nalbantov: new project underway


Dimitar Nalbantov is working on new project already... there are no details at present but he has posted a short part from new song-solo:

Dimitar Nalbantov is also beta testing new Vst Amp simulator:

William Dotto: chordal tapping chopin

The remarkable William Dtto plays the first part of Chopin Ballade n.1 in chordal tapping.

Chopin Ballade