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Jonas Hansson: silver mountain overload


Silver Mountain is a legendary Scandinavian heavy metal group featuring Jonas Hansson, hailing from Malmo in Sweden. They appeared on the scene in late 70’s, only to dominate the 80’s with their original and inspirational music. Over the years they released four LPs and one live album, forever carving their name in heavy metal history. Metal Mind Productions presents the set of exclusive re-releases which brings back a true metal icon:

“Shakin’ Brains” (1983)
The debut album brought a huge dose of electrifying hard rock/heavy metal, clearly inspired by Rainbow, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden. Brilliant guitar work was the key feature of this release, instantly putting Silver Mountain on the top of the list of Swedish metal artists. Such songs as the organ-fueled “Spring Maiden”, the powerful “Destruction Song” and the enchanting piano ballad “King of the Sea” are to this day considered as timeless classics. With “Shakin’ Brains” Silver Mountain proved that Scandinavia has much to offer when it comes to traditional heavy metal. New edition includes 1 bonus track.

“Universe” (1984)
Their second album didn’t gain a huge success in Europe, but surprisingly it became a big hit in Japan. The amazing response enabled the band to play an excessive tour over the entire country, which ended in recording a live album called “Hibiya – Live in Japan’85”.

“Roses & Champagne” (1988)
Their third LP did not manage to become as successful as the band expected it to be. Recorded with two new members – Johan Dahlstrom (vocals) and Kjell Gustavsson (drums) – the album was a solid release with a bunch of memorable songs like “Forest of Cries”, “Paradise Smile” and “Not You Baby”. New edition includes 2 bonus tracks.

“Breakin’ Chains” (2001)
In 2000, the original line-up which recorded “Shakin’ Brains” got back together for a couple of shows and eventually decided to make one last album, containing left-over songs from the debut LP’s recording sessions. All songs were rewritten and recorded from scratch, brilliantly joining the old-school feeling with modern technology. “Breakin’ Chains” was released in 2001, immediately becoming a long-awaited metal classic, especially with such amazing songs as “Maniac”, “Axeman and the Virgin” and “Dance Around the Fire”. New edition includes 2 bonus tracks.

Silver Mountain’s re-issues will be available in a new digipak edition, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. Each title is limited to numbered 2000 copies. The release date is set up for 16th February in Europe and 10th March in USA (via MVD).

Silver Mountain
“Shakin’ Brains” (remastered + bonus track)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1256 DG
Barcode: 5907785034235
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: heavy metal
Release date: 16.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA


1. 1789
2. Aftermath
3. Always
4. Necrosexual Killer
5. Destruction Song
6. Vikings
7. Looking for you
8. Spring Maiden
9. King of the Sea

Bonus track:
10. Keep on keepin' on

Silver Mountain
“Universe” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1257 DG
Barcode: 5907785034242
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: heavy metal
Release date: 16.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA


1. Shakin' Brains
2. Universe
3. Call of the Lords
4. Handled Roughly
5. Why
6. Help Me
7. Walking in the Shadows
8. Too Late
9. Niagara

Silver Mountain
“Roses & Champagne” (remastered + bonus tracks)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1259 DG
Barcode: 5907785034266
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: heavy metal
Release date: 16.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA


1. Romeo & Juliet
2. Light The Light
3. Where Are You
4. Forest of Cries
5. Coming Home
6. Paris
7. Paradise Smile
8. Not You Baby
9. Down Town Junkie

Bonus tracks:
10. Springtime
11. Romeo & Juliet (videoclip)

Silver Mountain
“Breakin’ Chains” (remastered + bonus tracks)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1258 DG
Barcode: 5907785034259
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: heavy metal
Release date: 16.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA


1. Prophet of Doom
2. Before the Storm
3. Felo de se
4. Man of no present existence
5. Scarlet pimpernel
6. Maniac
7. Axeman and the virgin
8. Brekin' chains
9. Rider of the night
10. A.s.w.a.s.t
11. The Butterfly
12. Dance around the fire
13. Millattack

Bonus tracks:
14. Resurrection
15. Prophet of doom (videoclip)

Jeff Loomis: guitar world april 2009

Here's a sneak peak at what's going to be on the upcoming April '09 disc that comes with Guitar World magazine (on sale starting February 10th). Check out exclusive videos with Nevermore's Jeff Loomis, a look into the resurrection (sort of) of CBGBs in New York CIty, All Shall Perish lesson with Chris Storey and Luke Jaeger, monthly lessons continue with Paul Gilbert, Jimmy Herring, Michael Angelo Batio, plus gear reviews with Paul Riario, and much more!

Guitar World Disc Preview: April 2009

Marshall Harrison: the capital principal

Marshall Harrison has let me know that you can now buy the music tab of the lessons that Marshall has posted on YouTube. The cost will be $5-$10/per lesson depending on size of the lesson. In addition, any other music music played by Marshall Harrison available youtube can be made available. In order to secure your transcription you can contact Marshall and outline the lesson you require, making payments via paypal to This is an extremely excellent deal particularly as the quality of transcription by Marshall is excellent... plus imagine the hours of fun you can have trying to play incredible pieces like this by Дмитрий Шостакович!

Marshall Harrison:
I could play it even faster but that would take ..., like...., work. I decided to bring back some of the old favorites.

Shoshtakovich FAST prelude by Marshall Harrison

This one cracked me up... Marshall Harrison:
an actual SHOWPAN etude recorded up to speed.

Chopin Etude 2 op10 TWICE the speed of DT's goateed guy

Joop Wolters: jwt live

Joop Wolters posted a video of his live trio from a recent gig.

JWT LIVE at the EFFENAAR feb 5 2009

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: chicken picking!

Stelios Arnaoutoglou with some nice shred instrumental, but a GREAT picking exercise too.

17th century chicken picking intro

Paul Gilbert: to play gods of metal

Paul Gilbert to play an Italian show. This posted by Groove box posted (this translated) text:
we have reached the long-awaited moment, the announcement of the GODS OF METAL 2009!

DATE: As previously announced, the thirteenth edition of the festival will take place on 27 and 28 June 2009.

LOCATION: After years of waiting is back in what has widely been considered the ideal location for the GOM: the STAGE of Briantea MONZA! Yes, this year thanks to the valuable collaboration of the Municipality of Monza and Monza Calcio whom we thank, we again provided the Brianteo stadium for our beloved festival.

CONCEPT: This year we return to the formula of two days, but there will be a big news. We will have two stages in the location of the show, but not a main stage and a second stage, but a Double Main Stage Mega! Ie Main Stage two of the same size and side by side, on which the bands will perform alternately. This means that we will have well-headliner 4 (2 daily), one on each stage, both days. The minutes of each band will be the same on both boxes.
The concerts will begin at 10:45 am and end at 00.30 and the 27 that on 28 June, each stage will host 6 bands, for a total of 12 bands a day. A real metal marathon that will bring together the best of the metal world in one big festival!

BILL: a festival that boasts headliner like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Guns n 'Roses, Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne, could be missing the best of the metal world? The answer is no, so here are the first names confirmed:

Saturday 27 June

Headliner of the day on the L-Stage will be the legendary HEAVEN & HELL in their Black Sabbath was God, or Ronnie James Dio vocals, Toni Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass and Vinnie Apply to the battery!
The second and third position of the L-Stage are being confirmed and the names are really in the running to lick his whiskers.
In fourth position we find the Dutch EPICA, that after the two big dates in November, again in our country and for the first time the GOM Immediately before them will be the turn of a legend: Ladies and gentlemen, Canada, Voivodeship! And for the occasion celebrating the return of Blackie in training! Yes, training will include Blackie, Snake, Away and newcomer Martyr! The opening will be announced shortly.

And now we come to the R-Stage, which will see players in the role of headliner The Saints Of Los Angeles, just to them, Motley Crue! Vince, Nikki, Tommy and Mick return to the Gods and this time lead the bandwagon of Cruefest but will be totally different to that seen in America.
In fact, the other bands already confirmed on Cruefest Stage, are eagerly awaited TESLA! An unmissable band, Jeff Keih and shareholders for the first time on stage at the Gods Of Metal! Da paura!
The other bands are being confirmed and will be announced shortly.

Sunday 28 June

Headliner of the second day on the L-Stage will be the Kings Of Prog, with the new album, DREAM THEATER! And who knows this time will give us surprise after the last time they performed in full Images And Words.
Immediately before them, back by popular demand the Bardi of Krefeld, ie BLIND GUARDIAN! By a double thrill, nothing to say.
Third place for the beautiful tarja, who with his solo career in grand style continues its adventures after the escape from Nightwish. Tarja also this is the first time at the GOM.
And before the Finnish singer will be the turn of dell'Asso six strings, a virtuoso at GOM, friends: mr. PAUL GILBERT! The renowned guitarist Mr.Big arrives on stage at the festival for floods of notes.
He could miss a legend at this stage? No, could not. And then: CYNIC! Paul Masvidal & co. return to Italy after the wonderful show of support to date Opeth in Milan last December.
The opening of this stage will be announced shortly.

The revelation of 2008, the most controversial band of the planet, but unquestionably the most beloved of the moment will be the headliner R-Stage and the festival will close Sunday 28 June. From Des Moines, Iowa: SLIPKNOT!
Second place on this stage for the band in 2008 that the Gods have received nothing short of triumphant. Due to popular demand, the legendary tornano CASING! Third and fourth place in the process of confirmation, while the fifth will have the honor to accept, for the first time the GOM, Barney and his NAPALM DEATH!
The opening will be announced shortly.

Summary bands confirmed to date:


The other 10 bands will be announced within a few days.

TICKETS: As in 2008, we will do a special promotion for the first sales period, but in any case be amazing price for a festival of the scope of the GOM! Here we are:

1 Day Ticket - Special Price: 30 euros + presale rights

Ticket 2 Day - Regular Price: 75 euros + presale rights
1 Day Ticket - Regular Price: 45 euros + presale rights

Recall that in 'Special Price' will be offered for sale only day tickets (1 Day Ticket), so those who want to attend both days will have to buy two 1 Day Ticket (well spent 15 euros in less than 2 Day Ticket - Regular price !!!).

Tickets 1 Day Ticket - Special Price will be on sale from 21.00 on Friday 13 February on and related outlets throughout the country from 9.00 am on Saturday 14 February.
Special Price sale ends Monday 23 February at 21.00.

Tickets and Ticket 2 Day Ticket 1 Day Regular Price will be on sale for 21.00 on Monday, February 23, and related outlets throughout the country.

The tickets' Special Price 'will be on sale until exhaustion. In the sense that will be put on sale the entire capacity of the location and if the tickets' Special Price 'to be exhausted in the first ten days, no ticket' Regular Price 'will be put up for sale later. So ... you ready to click!

Don Lappin: two handed technique dvd

Don Lappin completed work on his new instructional DVD featuring in depth analysis of his two handed style

Don Lappin says:
Hey Everybody, My instructional DVD, "Don Lappin's Two-Hand Technique, the Complete System" is now completed and will be available around March 1st. It came out really nice and I am really proud of it!!!

Don Lappin - Drivin' (Live at Berklee Guitar Sessions 2007)

The cost is $59.95 plus shipping. It's two DVD's plus a data CD with backing tracks/PDF files. Total running time is about 3hrs, 25 minutes.

I have a PayPal account set up and will post the details later.

Many of you have already pre-ordered a while back. If you could do so again with a mailing address, that would be great!!!

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for your patience. I know this project took quite a while to complete but I think you are really going to like it!

Don Lappin

Berklee Summer Guitar Sessions 2008 Jeff Buck The Pump with Don Lappin

News: yet another guitar blog.. famous guitarists center

Another guitar blog... the strap line:

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  2. Acoustic Fingerstyle

  3. Alternative metal

  4. Alternative rock

  5. Ambient

  6. American Jazz

  7. Art rock

  8. Avant-garde

  9. Avant-garde metal

  10. Bebop

  11. Big band

  12. Big band music

  13. Black metal

  14. Blues

  15. Blues-rock

  16. Bossa nova

  17. Brazilian jazz

  18. British blues

  19. Chicago blues

  20. Christian rock

  21. Classical

  22. Classical music

  23. Classical Spanish

  24. Club

  25. Country

  26. Country blues

  27. Dark ambient

  28. Death metal

  29. Deathgrind

  30. Delta blues

  31. Digital hardcore

  32. Doom metal

  33. East Coast blues

  34. Electric blues

  35. Electronica

  36. Experimental noise

  37. Experimental rock

  38. Flamenco

  39. Folk

  40. French Jazz

  41. Funk

  42. Funk metal

  43. Garage rock

  44. Glam metal

  45. Glam punk

  46. Glam rock

  47. Gospel

  48. Gospel blues

  49. Gothic metal

  50. Gothic rock

  51. Grindcore

  52. Groove metal

  53. Grunge

  54. Hard bop

  55. Hard rock

  56. Hardcore punk

  57. Heavy metal

  58. Indie pop

  59. Indie rock

  60. Industrial rock

  61. Instrumental jazz-rock

  62. Instrumental rock

  63. Jazz

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  65. Jazz rock

  66. Jazz-funk

  67. Jump blues

  68. Latin jazz

  69. Latin rock

  70. Melodic death metal

  71. Melodic hardcore

  72. Memphis blues

  73. Metalcore

  74. Neo-classical metal

  75. New wave

  76. Nu metal

  77. Piedmont blues

  78. Pop

  79. Pop punk

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  81. Post-bop

  82. Post-Grunge

  83. Post-punk

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  86. Progressive jazz

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  91. Ragtime

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  93. Reggae

  94. Rhythm and blues

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  96. Rock and roll

  97. Rockabilly

  98. Ska-punk

  99. Sludge metal

  100. Smooth Jazz

  101. Songster

  102. Soul

  103. Soul-blues

  104. Soul-jazz

  105. Speed metal

  106. Swing

  107. Swing music

  108. Symphonic metal

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  110. Thrash metal

  111. Venezuelan popular music

  112. Vintage country

  113. Western swing