Vivien Lalu, Joop Wolters: A-Z - The Machine Gunner (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Vivien Lalu, Jordan Rudess, Simone Mularoni, Joop Wolters: Lalu -Jordan Rudess + Simone Mularoni - Official Music Video

Joop Wolters: Ron "Bumblefoot"Thal Planetary Lockdown Jam

Joop Wolters: UK Dead of Night Solo

Joop Wolters: Some 7 String Shred

Joop Wolters: demos the Zoom g5n

Joop Wolters: Ozric Dream - JWB Bosuil Weert Netherlands 2016

Joop Wolters: Ibanez Flying Fingers Weert Netherlands

Joop Wolters: demos the BluGuitar amp1 channels

Joop Wolters: working on Joey Tafolla song, Infra Blue

Joop Wolters: slices his finger- EEK! OK guitar players... please be careful with those hands!

Joop Wolters: impressive noodle on Fender stratocaster classic 60

Joop Wolters: Caparison c2 hss ,kemper profiler

Joop Wolters: Don't believe a word - Remember Phil & Gary 2015

Joop Wolters: Jamming with Patrick Eijdems in the 'Twin Bro Studio'.

Joop Wolters: PRS shredjam - tasty sevenstring noodle

Joop Wolters: jam with pod xt live

Vivien Lalu, Joop Wolters, Simone Mularoni, Virgil Donati : Lalu - Live at P60

Joop Wolters,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati,Vivien Lalu: Timestop - Lalu Live at P60 availbable for pre order

Sergey Boykov,Hedras Ramos, Fabrizio Leo, Joop Wolters, Gianluca Ferro, Thiago Trinsi: keyboards and guitars