Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jack Gardiner: guitar idol 2009 heat 3

Jack Gardiner has out done himself again with his latest video, a song submitted to the guitar idol 2009 competition. There are 179 submitted in heat 3 which is hotting up. Check it out the video from this talented 15 year old and vote

Guitar Idol Entry '09 ''Ambitions'' Jack Gardiner (15 year old)

TJ Helmerich: planet x live in poland custom player

A custom player of videos featuring a series of videos from Planet X on DrumFest in Opole, Poland.

Planet X on DrumFest in Opole

Damjan Pejcinoski: more live soloing

More amazing playing from Damjan Pejcinoski live on concert with Tav.Brothers

Damjan Pejcinovski - Great guitar solo !!!

Pavel Zaburuyev: Павел Забуруев

Pavel Zaburuev discovered this video when I translated Павел Забуруев from Russian to English. Pavel aka Pash delivers some very cool blues fusion.

Павел Забуруев - «Minor Blues»

Brandon Gan: new cd on the way

Brandon has been busy recording tracks for a guitar instrumental EP and its finally done.

There are three teaser tracks uploaded on the website. CD itself should be printed by April and digital version will be done by then too.

Pedro Santos: new cd available for free download

A new jam over a Guthrie Govan backing track.

GUTHRIE GOVAN ORANGE JAM ROTOSOUND Pedro Santos Impro en Backing Track

Plus an upcoming gig, September 5 2009 10:00P with David Valdés + Nacho Mur + Jose Rubio + Pedro Santos (Sala Barracudas, Madrid)

Free download CD

Marshall Harrison: constructing knot tunnels using giant steps

Marshall Harrison in constructive form, tying fingers in knots as he delivers a typically Marshall Harrison approach to the classic jazz track Giant Steps. Marshall Harrison says:
Yes I get skewered by some measures but overall I think it was a pretty fun session. And once again to all the jazz-nazis who are just SOOOO much better than all of us out here kiss my axehole and RELAX.

Notice how I tried to employ the Holdsworthian legato we discussed in a recent lesson. There are some advanced 'hammer-on from nowhere' licks that will be discussed in part two of the legato lesson series.

Giant Steps with Marshall Harrison

Enver Izmailov: live 2004

Another two handed extravaganza from the super talented Enver Izmailov, aka Enver Izmaylov

Enver Izmaylov (Do#Dj 2004)

Arkadiusz Gałka: jym popping funk abuse

Arkadiusz Gałka, aka Gałek, has fallen deeply in love with his new Fender Strat, Yngwie Malmsteen model!

Gałek - Rn'B Pop&Funk Malmsteen's Strat Jammin'

Gałek - Yngwie Malmsteen Strat Test

Gałek - Yngwie Malmsteen Strat Test 2

Magnus Olsson: kiss, was magnus their secret guitarist

Spotted on, it appears that Magnus Olsson might have been a one time replacement for Mark St John from Kiss... Magnus strenuously denies the allegation, but here's the evidence...

In the meantime Magnus reinvented his web site, may be to hide the truth?

Plus on 28th of March 2009 Magnus will do an Ibanez/DiMarzio clinic at Ljudfront in Järfälla (Stockholm). Starting time is set to 3 a clock. Now please for god sake take a video camera long and video him!!!! For more info see the poster above or visit

Meanwhile Magnus continues to toil away on his musical "Meister Werk" in his humble studio... Ibanez fans look away now!

Fernando Miyata: insanely amazing revisited, 10,000,000 viewers can't be wrong

This is the video that started it all off for Fernando Miyata. An amazing tour de force for an unknown, now instantly recognised. Many people thought this must be sort of fake when it came out only to see Fernando Miyata pull off the same master work live at guitar idol 2008. The youtube stats are amazing:

Views: 10,110,320
Ratings: 41,107 - 4.5 star rating
Comments: 58,956
Favourited: 58,354 times

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

Fernando Miyata live in 2008 at the guitar idol shoot out in London.

Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008 Hi Def

Fernando Miyata remains one of the top searches on Truth In Shredding... so what next for this diminutive Brazilian?

Jonny Hocking: little blue jazz guitars

Another young dude struts his stuff... Jonny says:
I'm 16 years old and have been playing since 11, I live near London and next year will hopefully go to the institute in London (ICMP). This video is my submission for the institutes higher diploma scholarship so I thought I may as well put it on Youtube.

Jonny Hockings- Blues Jazz Metal

Guido Baruffo: matt cafissi solo

Guido Baruffo posted a new track on MySpace and this is a video I missed from last year.

Matt Cafissi "Inside Out" solo

Adrian Galysh: heating up the baked potato

Adrian Galysh performs "Slight of Hand" from his CD,"King Friday" live at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood, CA. Charlie Waymire on drums, Maureen Baker on keyboards, and Chuck Wright on bass.

Adrian Galysh "Slight of Hand"

Adrian Galysh "Terrestrial Races"

Adrian Galysh "Green Eyed Lady"

Steve Vai: revised tour venue

Steve Vai will present his Alien Guitar Secrets Master Classes in Italy in April. The April 24th class in Caserta has been moved from Teatro Comunale to Oddly Shed.

18 - Reggio Emilia - Tempo Rock
19 - Montebelluna (TV) - Essemusic
20 - Milano - Accademia Del Suono
22 - Montegranaro - Teatro La Perla
23 - Roccaforzata - Go West Saloon
24 - Caserta - Oddly Shed (NEW LOCATION)
25 - Messina - Teatro Annibale Maria di Francia
29 - La Spezia - Jux Tap
30 - Torreano di Martignacco - The Groove Factory

1 - Roma - Stazione Birra