Magnus Olsson: The Fuzztner pedal + Bliss

Magnus Olsson: A Final Word (performance video).

Magnus Olsson: Climb A Little Hill - Ibanez AZ & Olsson Amp demo

Magnus Olsson: More incredible performance - Toying on Ibanez AZ2402 Part II (playing only, no talking).

Magnus Olsson: insanity - 2 Olsson, 20 Ibanez and a silly song (no talking, playing only).

Magnus Olsson: Toying on Ibanez AZ2402-TFF

Magnus Olsson: Demo of Olsson Amps Club 40 - Swedish brand hand built, very high-end, boutique, tube amp.

Magnus Olsson: stunning tones from the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe 40 - in English!

Magnus Olsson: Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe 40 demo - Swedish

Magnus Olsson: short but sweet from the elusive Mr Olsson.... from Ibanez Guitar Festival 2015 - now if we could just find the full version :)

Magnus Olsson: Sound check nonsense for Ibanez Guitar Festival 2015.

Magnus Olsson: Ibanez Jem 7DBK - excellence endures 2009

Magnus Olsson: Back to the future - Swedish style

Magnus Olsson: Vintage Guitar Show in Svendborg 2009

Ayman Mokdad: Waves Of Shred competition

Alex Hutchings, Magnus Olsson: discuss the 8 string Waghorn at the Musikmesse

Magnus Olsson: The Ibanez man, trying out a new Ibanez at the Musikmesse 2013

Steve Vai,Magnus Olsson: Magnus captures the maestro in full flow

Ayman Mokdad: Vinai Alive Competition using Ibanez Prestige Magnus Olsson model.

Magnus Olsson: deep dive into Blue-Room Studio - guitar fans dream!