Sunday, 14 June 2009

Joop Wolters: american dance!


Jack Thammarat: orange jam

Jack Thammarat says:
Improvising on Orange Jam. free Backing Track from and Used Vigier Excaliber Special Guitar ,BB-Preamp ,Marshall JCM 900 Head ,Boss GT-8 and Palmer Speaker Simulator

Jack Thammarat - Orange Jam

Rob Chappers: monkey fest 2010 announced

Rob Chappers has announced a mega monkey guitar festival for next year... lots of guitar and great food... as many bananas as you can eat? More details to follow soon!

The great Monkey Lord at LIMS 2009

Miguel Garcia: heavenly key solos

Miguel Garcia says: Heya! This is me playing over a Jan Cyrka track. I have to say I think this is my worst video so far, but it's a first take improvisation, and first take it must remain! I still hope you find a way to enjoy it!

Miguel Garcia - Improvisation on a Jan Cyrka track

John Petrucci: download 2009 video overload!

A five video hall from the downward festival... enjoy!

John Petrucci: dream theater download festival 2009

Rob Chappers: lims 2009, tm stevens and the minions of monkey world mosh madly!

I went to the London International Music Show, where I met up with a few "Minions" and checked out some cool Budda Amps \m/ TM Stevens came up to the Budda stand and we had an impromptu jam :-)

The Monkey Lord at LIMS 09 - Chappers & TM Stevens jam

News: guitar idol 2009 final prize giving!

Guitar Idol 2009: the prizes!

Rob Chappers: monkey lords new mega monster prize!

I caught up with Rob Chappers at the LIMS show 2009 and he alerted me to another crazy mega prize! Listen to the video to find out what you need to do:

Rob Chappers says:
That's right folks, this is your chance to win a USA made, hand wired 100 watt plexi from Coolidge Amplififcation Just join my forum at, then make a video explaining why you feel you should win the amp. Post it as a responce to this video and on the 1st of July I will announce the winner.

Win a $4,000 Hand Wired "Coolidge Outlander" Plexi Head

Rob Chappers says:
Modal Rock licks lessons one and two are in my store right now, along with "Bending & Vibrato" and many others!

Modal Rock licks - Dorian