Saturday, 1 August 2009

John Petrucci: old boss demo

spotted on the spanish blog:
John Petrucci Young Guitar Boss Demo 1 of 3

John Petrucci Young Guitar Boss Demo 2 of 3

John Petrucci Young Guitar Boss demo 3 of 3

Marc Rizzo: flash up your lead playing

Rock House instructor Marc Rizzo shows you how to add flash to your lead lines. Backing Tracks @ Tab inside Ultimate Metal Guitar Magazine. Get Alexi's Rock House DVDs, Modern, Speed & Shred at

Marc Rizzo on Addiing Flash to your Lead Lines from Ultimate Metal Guitar

Frank Gambale: mit billy cobham

Some great video posted:


John 5: pedal steel laid-back arpeggios!

John 5 says:
Pedal steel guitars are practically synonymous with Nashville and the country music style, but rock and metal players can also benefit from learning how to emulate pedal steel sounds on standard guitar. Why? Because it sounds cool! The basic technique involves bending one or more strings while holding stationary notes and allowing them all to ring together. These are also known as oblique bends.

The featured music example is a laid-back arpeggio passage incorporating several pedal steel bends. I’m picking with my fingers only, but you could also use a pick if you’d prefer, or even a pick and fingers together. Plant your fret-hand ring and pinky fingers on the B and E notes, respectively, at the 14th fret. You’ll want to keep those two fingers planted firmly as you perform the ensuing whole-step bend with your index finger. To execute the bend, use the tip of your index finger to pull the G string down toward the floor while allowing the previous plucked notes to ring along with it. It helps to keep all three fingers arched significantly so the strings aren’t inadvertently muted. Hold the bend while continuing the arpeggio sequence and then release the bend in the rhythm shown. The same bend returns in the next measure, but this time it is played in a quicker bend-and-release grace-note rhythm.
full post

Reece Fullwood: more shred lick lessons from hell!

This is lick 6 of 12, in the next three months of licks. Its an B Harmonic minor Decending Alternate picking lick, with some quirky passages. Sorry i sound like crap, i had a soar throat and headache while recording this video. If you have any questions , just comment or message me , i will be glad to answer any. :) thanks alot Keep shredding :) Don't drink too much RedBull

Week - 6 - Alternate picking Harmonic minor - Reece Fullwood

This is lick 5 of 12, in the next three months of licks. Its an E minor legato lick, 4 finger per string, with some slight stretching and string skipping this is the second part to last weeks lick.. If you have any questions , just comment or message me , i will be glad to answer any. :) thanks alot Keep shredding :)

Week 5 - Decending Legato String Skipping - Reece Fullwood

Paul Bielatowicz, Neal Morse: live videos

Neal Morse - The Creation

Neal Morse - We All Need Some Light Now / Wind At My Back

Cesar Huesca: my top 15 sound of summer players

This is my TOP 15 list of my favourite entries from the Soundtrack Of Summer Guitar Contest by PetrucciFever. Congratulations to all the entrants for their great work.

Check the players at:

Intrested in my music? Order my CD at

Cesar Huesca announces his TOP 15 list of Soundtrack Of Summer 2009 Guitar Contest.

Doug Steele: he's your ice cream man baby!

Doug Steele says:
I have seen so many guys fuck this up that it boggles the mind. No, it's not tapped,and it's not done all on one string. It's a 3 note per string phrase played on 2 strings, played on frets 12, 16, and 19. You can see Ed clearly play it on the Us Festival footage.

Once you catch the order of the notes slowly, it's pretty easy to get it to speed. Stretch is clearly a bitch.

VH's Ice Cream Man "hard part" dissected and explained

Rob Balducci: night of pure guitar annonuced

Favored Nation artist and Rock House Instructor Rob Balducci is teaming up with John Celentano and Dave Weiner for an awesome "Night of Pure Guitar" at KJ Farrells, 242 Pettit Ave in Bellmore, NY on August 15th

Jody Fisher: fingerstyle jazz guitar!

Very nice on this super hot sunny day... off to the pool now!

Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Improv - Jody Fisher

Ron Jarzombek: 12 tone rows and new dvd on the way

A preview from the Ron Jarzombek DVD '12 Tone Variations'. Included in this clip are 1. Technical Notes, 2. Rhythm, 3. Lead Breaks, and 4. Complete. 'Oscillation Cycles' appears on the Blotted Science CD 'The Machinations Of Dementia'.

Ron Jarzombek - Oscillation Cycles

Ron Thal: young guitar lessons

Ron Thal Bumblefoot YG /1

Ron Thal Bumblefoot YG /2

Ron Thal Bumblefoot YG /3

Ron Thal Bumblefoot YG /4

News: modern warfare 2 and you thought you were buying a game!

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing (Official)

Federico Accardo: spezial shred this!

Another cool entry... this time from Italian Federico Accardo. He also has a MySpace:

Truth In Shredding - Shred This Competition - Federico Accardo

Born on August 1982, in La Spezia Italy, Federico Accardo decided to leave school at the age of 18 to dedicate his entire life to the world of music and specially the guitar instrument.
He started studying classical guitar at the age of 17 taking lessons from a good friend of him that attended the Conservatory. The first time he picked up an electric guitar he understood that it'll be his main instrument and musical expression, so he decided to quit the classical study to concentrate in the "electric world".

He started studying and practicing hard, playing in various local cover bands that brought the great sound of real hard rock like Van Halen, Whitesnake, Extreme, DLR band... He continued practicing and studying hard, taking some private lessons from local guitar players, but most of the time and work was self-taught. At the age of 21 he decided to attend the most important musical institute in Italy, Lizard Accademie. The year after, he succeeded to complete the studies and gained the certification of the 3rd year with an honor mention and maximum votes.

The next years were very proficient. In July 2004 he was asked to collaborate with the "Lizard Academie" to record two songs for the "How our electric guitar can play" album, released on January 2007. So he had a "hot" summer of full immersion spent between valves, amps and guitars to transcribe, record, mixing and mastering all by himself the two songs "Always with me, always with you" and "Echo" (Joe Satriani).

In 2005 he was asked to join a band which had to come out with his 2nd album. “Shining Fury” is the band name, with heavy power metal influences, that kept him busy writing, recording and playing on stage their music for almost a year. This new great experience helped him to grow as a musician, working with professionals and experienced individuals at higher levels, also expanding musical versatility to a genre that was not too familiar with. The album was released on January 2006 with the name of "Another Life" under the well known "Metal Blade Records".

At the end of 2006 he decided to leave the band to concentrate on his own music, expanding the study of his instrument, influences and knowledge. The New Year brought him lot of inspirations and positive vibrations useful to write new material and focus on the recording process. He always values new bands projects and studio works if they are interesting and professionally good...

Influences include: Andy Timmons, Richie Kotzen, Neil Schon, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Prince, Hendrix, SRV, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Giacomo Castellano, Steve Lukather, Extreme, Freak Kitchen James Brown, Whitesnake, Journey, Giant, Bad English, Blue Murder, Led Zeppelin, Toto, Dream Theater, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, James Brown, Glenn Hughes, Mr. Big, Steve Morse, Ed Gerald, Joey Tafolla, Greg Howe, Mattias IA Eklundh, Bob Brozman

Oz Noy: schizophrenic cd details

Oz Noys new CD features: Steve Lukather , drummer Dave Weckl , Noy’s longtime cohorts, skins bashers Keith Carlock and Anton Fig, bassist Will Lee, and keyboardists Chris Palmaro, Ricky Peterson, Shai Bachar.

Schizophrenic Track Listing:
1. Ice Pick
2. 120 Heart Beats
3. Seven
4. Schizophrenic
5. Elephant Walk
6. Twice In A While
7. Jelly Blue
8. Underwater Romance
9. Bug Out

full details

News: guitar lesson web site for spanish speakers

Another guitar site... this time for our Spanish speaking friends

Doug Steele: somebody get me a doctor lesson

VH Lesson: Somebody Get Me a Doctor Intro

Renat Bikchurin: incredible finger exercises

You want to play like Renat Bikchurin then you'll want to try these:
Some of exersizes composed by me (Renat Bikchurin), but most of them by finger fitness expert Greg Irwin. Music: Bob Culbertson.

A few finger exersizes

in order to do this at 145 bpm:

Bach Invention no. 8 in F major on retar. Renat Bikchurin

Matias Kupiainen: stratovarius interview


News: Gear Vault - new cool gear web site.

For the players that have GAS... the perfect web site Gear Vault:

Stephan Forte: adagio to rock the boat...

You won't find me anywhere near a boat.... but ADAGIO have announced that they will play Sweden's Rock At Sea festival on the Viking Cinderella ship on November 20th along with Molly Hatchet and All Ends and others. The ships takes 2,500 passengers, has four stages, 12 bars, 12 floors. The big stage has room for 1,200.

Thorsten Koehne: eden's curse to play hard rock hell III

According to Brave Words, EDEN'S CURSE Confirmed For UK's Hard Rock Hell III Festival which is scheduled for December 4th - 5th at Pontins Prestatyn in North Wales, UK. full list of bands

Reece Fullwood,Mate Bodor: all change at aeon zen.

Aeon Zen news update:
Following great reviews of the album "A Mind's Portrait", Rich Hinks of Aeon Zen has received confirmation from Time Divide Records Ltd for continued writing and recording for the second Aeon Zen album. This follows the departure of Lloyd Musto, who played drums on the first album. Mattias Norén will be doing the artwork.

From Miskolc, Hungary, the guitarist Máté Bodor will be in London soon and there are plans for him to play live with Aeon Zen (STC). Máté is in Britain having obtained a Yamaha Guitar Scholarship to The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. This fills the gap left by Reece Fullwood, who has stepped out due to other commitments. Máté, at 20 years old, joins Rich (bass), Matt Shepherd (guitar) and Tom Green (keyboards) in the live band. Tom Green is a co-writer of parts of the first album "A Mind’s Portrait"

Máté Bodor

A solo written of one of Bob's new song taken from the NOEMON album. The song is called "Birth of the sun". Thank you Bob for all the inspiration!

Mate Bodor guitar solo on a Bob katsionis theme (Birth of the sun)

Mate Bodor ICMP guitar scholarship contest final song

Marty Friedman: new book

Blabbermouth posted
Marty Friedman's second hardcover book, "Samurai no Ongakuron", was released in Japan. It is the follow-up to the bestseller "Ii Jyan J-Pop" (English translation: Awesome J-pop).

"Samurai no Ongakuron" was published by the largest entertainment media publisher in Japan, Nikkei Entertainment, which has been running a monthly full page feature on Marty for over three years now.

Marty will do several promotional events in August, including book/album signings.

Marty Friedman Italian Clinics 2009