Thursday, 20 August 2009

Jan Laurenz: earth and newage song

a brace of songs posted by Jan.

Earth song by Jan Laurenz

New age song by Jan Laurenz on box/megatar tap-guitars

Kosta Vreto: drums for the new cd

This is Strergios Kourou, recording his drum parts for the my forthcoming album "Pictures of a Broken Heart".

Recording sessions for "Pictures of a Broken Heart" album part1 - Stergios Kourou

René Lipps: demonstrates the FGN expert japanese guitar

One seet sounding guitar in the hands of René Lipps

Another short demo of the FGN EXPERT OS guitar by René Lipps (Thomas Godoj Band)

FGN - new guitar brand by FUJIGEN Japan!!! Short demo of the EXPERT OS model by René Lipps

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtrman shreds the web 2


Renat Bikchurin: the balloon improvisation series

Lots of improvisation, impeccably played in a pink room with balloons....

One more improvization. Renat Bikchurin

Improvization on 7. Renat Bikchurin

Ретара в "Цунами". Полная версия

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or a better example Guthrie Govan:

Jon Finn: berklee performance gig

St Jon's Wart - Jon Finn and Guy Van Duser Live at Berklee Perfoemance Center Aug. 4, 2009

Jon Finn - Guitar
Don Lappin - Guitar
David Buda - Bass
Larry Finn - Drums
Richard Flanagan - Percussion
Ross Ramsay - Keyboards
Rich Kelley - Trumpet
Angel Subero - Trombone
Dino Govoni - Tenor Sax
Bob Bowlby - Baritone Sax
Frankenstein - JFG "Extravaganza" Live at Berklee Performance Center Aug. 4 2009

Kermheat, Jeremy Bares: videos flow

11 videos of these guys just jamming to death, including some earlier video with Manu Livertout.

Kermheat & Jérémy Barès: videos flow

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An example with Guthrie Govan

Peter Hodgson: jemsite interview!

Peter Hodgson from iheart guitar interviewed... here's a snippet
Who are some of your guitar and music influences?

Aside from the obvious ones like Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Dave Mustaine, Nuno Bettencourt, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Eddie Van Halen, my biggest influences are Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally and David Bowie. While the other guys influence my guitar playing to various degrees, Zappa, Keneally and Bowie influence me by giving me inspiration for my entire approach to music.

You’re already a journalist. Why the urge to start a guitar blog?

It started because I realized I had a couple of years worth of reviews and interviews from Mixdown Magazine which weren’t likely to be read by anyone after each issue’s month-long run ended. Mrs I Heart Guitar, an avid blog reader, suggested I put them online. The blog allows me to expand upon articles that were originally written for the magazine, as well as writing fresh new content. Sometimes it works the other way around too, and material from the blog will make its way into Mixdown.

Does actually playing guitar give you an edge in your music journalism?

I guess it gives me a level of insight into my interview subjects that non-playing writers don’t have, and I find that a good way to loosen up an interview is to throw in a particularly geeky guitar question relatively early on. Sometimes you only get 15 or 20 minutes for a phone interview and you’ve really gotta think on your feet to get a connection with the artist in that time. When I interviewed John McLaughlin, it was only a 15 minute chat but I got a lot out of him by being upfront with him that I was just beginning to get into fusion, both as a listener and as a player. He was only too happy to talk about fusion and improvisation from that perspective and I feel it made for a pretty interesting interview
full interview

Renat Bikchurin: tribute to gary moore and more...

Steel got the blues


Погода у моря. Ренат Бикчурин


Морские глубины. Ренат Бикчурин

Al Estrada: platinum rock star

Al Estrada is part of the Platinum Rockstars

ERUPTION - VH Tribute Band Promo - View in HQ


Paul Gilbert: want to look like paul did in early racer X days

Thanks to fretbase for spotting this...

Yes buy one of these and spray it fluorescent pink!

Epiphone followed that up with the Epiphone Wilshire Limited Edition - an “economical” ($250 street) version of the guitar with humbuckers and block inlays and a slightly more “Fender-esque” body shape.

Now we have the Epiphone Wilshire 1966 with NY Mini-humbuckers and in Aged Cherry, Worn Cherry and Worn Black finishes for the vintage vibe.
full details

Richie Kotzen: new cd peace sign cover posted

Richie Kotzen's will issue a new album called"Peace Sign" this fall. The exact release date for the effort will be announced soon.

Check out the cover artwork

Two songs from the CD — "Paying Dues" and "Lie To Me" — are available for streaming on Richie's MySpace page.

Marcel Coenen: skype guitar lessons available

Marcel Coenen says:
guitar lessons using SKYPE now possible - Hello all I will be taking students using SKYPE from now on. If people want to know certain things in my playing or parts of songs of myself or others which I know then we can schedule a lesson. Lessons cost 15 euro's for each half an hour, you can pay using PayPal. Message me for details !

News: 500,000 visitors passed... three lucky winners prizes announced!

Congratulations to the prize winners... CD's ordered and hopefully on the way very soon

Antoine Prost - Matthew Mills - NeoClassical Spirit (CD)

Max Waibel - Ron Thal - Forgotten Anthology 1995-2002

Oliver Yates - Cloudburst and other choral works

Osman Cenan Cigil: tribute to kee marcello

Europe - Open Your Heart (Out Of This World Album) Solo played by Osman Cenan CIGIL.
Written by Kee Marcello.

Europe - Open Your Heart Solo played by Osman Cenan CIGIL


Look what you guys did yes you made it to the Most responded to music video of all time home page!

Don't forget as Rick Graham says
Time is ticking away, get your entries in guys;)

yes that's right

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