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Ed DeGenaro: video interview

Spotted on the guitar channel which refers to this Full post

Interview with Ed DeGenaro, Musician and Guitarist, August 18, 2009 from T Matsumura on Vimeo.

News: illegally download and face being cut off permanently.

The UK Government are threatening to cut-off the internet connections of those who download music and movies illegally.

An amendment has been made to the Digital Britain report, which originally came to light in June in an attempt to crack down on illegal downloaders. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is set to be pushing for harsher sentences to come in sooner rather than later, with offenders set to have their internet connections cut off.

Initially, OFCOM were expected to have until 2012 to decide whether it was deemed necessary to catch illegal downloaders. but the Department For Business, Innovation & Skills have today said that this date is “too long to wait”.

There is still currently a row over whether it will be the responsibility of Internet Service Providers, while the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) argued that it shouldn’t be their job to police the internet.
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Lori Linstruth: guilt machine wallpapers to download

Sorry none of Lori in guitar shred pose... but cool none the less... download from: http://www.arjenlucassen.com/aal/aa_albums_gm.html#downloads w

Alex Lifeson: learn rush dvd coming soon?!

Thanks to Rush Is A Band:
... "The Apple thing was fun", he says by way of explanation. "They have this new thing on the Garageband software [the mini-home studio affair that is part of Apple's iLife bundle] where songwriters and musicians teach people how to play their songs. It's great, you'll be able to download me. I went in and they filmed me for four days doing a song a day: Tom Sawyer, Limelight, The Spirit of Radio and Working Man. It's really comprehensive stuff and you can slow it down to really watch what I'm doing.
"It was odd, you realize how difficult it is to play some of those solos slowly, especially on something like Working Man."
We imagine it's quite difficult to master at its normal pace.
"I guess," and there's another laugh, "I'm not sure how much time I spent on that solo originally, I didn't know better, I was a kid when I wrote that. But I loved doing the Garageband stuff, though, and the end result is just great. When you're learning to play with just notation it's not the same - what the right hand is doing is so important and you never get to see that stuff. ...

News: Neil Peart Welcomes Baby Girl!!

How cool is this... very cool! Congratulations to the Peart family

"The Rush family congratulates (drummer) Neil (Peart) and his wife Carrie on the birth of their healthy, beautiful daughter Olivia Louise Peart."

Sean Baker: fuse tv interview tonight!

Hola everyone,

Sean will interviewed by the one and only Mark Strigl from Fuse Tv's "Talking Metal" tonight at 9:15-9:30 area. If you remember Mark and John featured Sean and his music on many podcast' and the TV show.

It will go out Live on http://www.bionicstriglradio.com/ and then be repackaged on iTunes as a Talking Metal podcast a few weeks later

Paul Gilbert: wash my car!

paul gilbert wash my car studio

Joe Satriani: cool mum's at the gig and interview!

joes mom is drunk this is classic. what a show! you gotta check it out! samy on guitar, joe going nuts, everyone is in motion here even the crowd as they sway to the music. just plain fun! enjoy the clip if intrested inthe entire show email me at peckpeckpoo@yahoo.com

Chickenfoot - Future in the Past 8/17/09 Beacon New York City complete live show 2009 HQ

“Sammy invited me to do this jam a show he was doing in Vegas back in February of 2008, and I really thought I was just walking into a little celebrity jam at the end of a crazy Cabo Wabo show,” he said. “But the chemistry between us was just something completely unique. It was like the early Who or something — it was out of control and wasn’t just like four professional guys writing some songs or jamming or something like that.”
full interview

Why have one... you can have two!

Q: And what about Chickenfoot? After you do the Chili Peppers, are you going to do another record?

A: “Absolutely! We’re having so much fun and it’s gone so well - there’s no reason not to continue with Chickenfoot. That’s something I want to make very clear: Chickenfoot isn’t a one-off thing for any of us. We’re a band.

I would imagine during my time with the Peppers that Joe (Satriani) will probably do another solo record, and maybe Sammy (Hagar) and Mike (Anthony) will do something on their own. But as soon as I’m done with the Chili Peppers, I’m diving right back into Chickenfoot. We’re going to outdo this record, too. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.”
full interview

COMPETITION: Shred this now at 19 most responded video of all time!

You guys and gals moved up one notch... time is ticking away... only 6 days left to get your video in.

Rick Tom and myself are chomping at the bit to judge these and are certainly aware we need to get this right... HELP! Keep on shredding!

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