News: illegally download and face being cut off permanently.

The UK Government are threatening to cut-off the internet connections of those who download music and movies illegally.

An amendment has been made to the Digital Britain report, which originally came to light in June in an attempt to crack down on illegal downloaders. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is set to be pushing for harsher sentences to come in sooner rather than later, with offenders set to have their internet connections cut off.

Initially, OFCOM were expected to have until 2012 to decide whether it was deemed necessary to catch illegal downloaders. but the Department For Business, Innovation & Skills have today said that this date is “too long to wait”.

There is still currently a row over whether it will be the responsibility of Internet Service Providers, while the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) argued that it shouldn’t be their job to police the internet.
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