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Rob Chappers: Chris Geden ML1 waves mini review

Rob Chapman aka “The Monkey Lord”, was kind enough to invite me along to a Waves plug-in event at The Strongroom in Shoreditch. Hosted by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, The Beatles) it was certainly going to be an educational night for anyone interested in sound engineering.

Prior to the presentation, Eddie sat down for a chat and a thorough inspection of Rob Chapman’s new brand of guitar, the ML-1.

Richie Kotzen: more UK concert reviews and photos

Thanks to Michelle Holland for this facebook gallery:

Richie Kotzen took to the stage at the Robin 2, Bilston, halfway through his UK tour.

The charismatic musician, who found early fame with Poison and Mr Big, brought his uniquely powerful blend of rock solid guitar and vocals to an appreciative crowd, in a show with a real intimate feel to it.

Richie and his band tore through a set of his solo material, as well as covers of Shapes of Things and a particularly memorable rendition of All Along the Watchtower during the encore.

Support was provided by The Ben Poole Band and The Fry Band.

Orianthi: Michael Jackson and beyond

ORI 10 12 09

Angel Ruiz, Alex Berserker: jam session

Another cool jam session... keep them coming Angel!

Ángel Ruiz + Alex Berserker HoochieKoo Jam Session

Ricardo Walls, Angel Ruiz: jam session

Mucho Kudos to Angel Ruiz for organising this series of videos. Great idea and much appreciated by me... and hopefully you Truth In Shredding guitar fans!

Ricardo is one of my best friends. Visit his site on youtube We hope you enjoy it!! Best regards Ángel and Ricardo.

Ricardo Walls + Ángel Ruiz JAM SESSION

Dave Martone: vox interview

Canadian rocker Dave Martone hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Known for both his collaborative works as well as his own band – Martone – Dave is also deeply involved with the National Guitar Workshop programs. Most recently, Dave’s latest album Clean features Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair, and guest appearances by Jennifer Batten, Greg Howe, Billy Sheehan, and fellow VOX alum Joe Satriani. Dave put down his axe just long enough to fill us on his latest projects.

VOX: Dave, when did you start?

Dave: I started at 6.

VOX: Wow, that’s a long time. Were you always eager to play the guitar?

Dave: I never wanted to play the guitar. I was more content to play with my hot wheels cars and beat up my brother. My father had it in mind that I should play guitar. He was a player and wanted to become a famous guitar god. So…when he had me, his evil plan was to torment me and make me play and practice as much as possible.

VOX: Well, it must have worked. You obviously practice. How did he get you to do it?

Dave: He actually bribed me to practice. He would pay me 10 cents an hour, and I’m not kidding! After that…it got me going on my own.

VOX: When did it become your passion, and not his?

Dave: The mighty day that pushed it into the stratosphere was when I heard “War Pigs” [the opening track from Black Sabbath's top-selling Paranoid album] for the first time, or any heavy music for the first time!!! My ears almost fell off! I was hooked and knew that was what I wanted to
Full interview: do

Richie Kotzen: Swindon stormer review and Euro tour updates

The show must go on... Richie Kotzen plus a cold delivered another storming concert... here's my mini review

Laurie Monk:
I'd never been to the venue before, about a 50 minute drive from my Bristol base. The 12 bar is a classic venue attached to a pub. These guys know how to rock and use their sound system... I'll look to more gigs there in the future. The support band was the same band who appeared on second at Bristol. This time they seemed more together, however still the lack of passion on the vocals, a vibrato that is way too fast... little girl giggles, and some echo to mask inaccurate playing at speed. He was much more comfortable in more bluesy mode, but as was pointed it... a lack of emotion... all these things are fixable... if you have the passion!

Richie Kotzen arrived on stage with his red tele and assailed our ears with the same high quality, high precision, high emotion vocal rock I witnessed in Bristol. I attend the event with my two brothers and we all looked at each other at the end and nodded in agreement... you know we witnessed an incredible talent... this man should be in stadiums, but it's really great to have your cake and eat it in such a tiny venue. His slow playing mirror images his soulful vocal lines, his hybrid picking would lay waste to most would be shredders picking techniques. The key thing though is the songs... memorable, emotional... this guy is cool. If you get a chance see this guy on tour!

Plus another cool review from Graceful Degradation
Kotzen is not a flash player, he doesn't play the axeman, but then when you're as talented as he is who needs to strike poses on stage? Some of his facial expressions were reminiscent of Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror, I grant you, but his hair successfully hid a lot of that! Although he was suffering from a cold his vocals didn't seem to suffer either. But it's the sight of his fingers flashing over the fretboard and the amazing sounds he coaxes out of his instrument that made the night.
full review

Now you have your chance as the tour extends in Europe... includes links to reviews from Richie's cool forum

09.10.09 Bristol, UK, Fiddlers
11.10.09 Poole, UK, Mr Kyps

Richie Kotzen Fooled Again - Mr Kyps 11/10/09

12.10.09 Wolverhampton, UK, The Robin 2
13.10.09 Swindon, UK, The 12 Bar

Oct 15th – Rio’s, LEEDS
Oct 16th – Club Academy, MANCHESTER
Oct 18th – Trillians, NEWCASTLE
Oct 19th – Classic Grand, GLASGOW
Oct 20th – The Caves, EDINBURGH
22.10 X-Roads - ROMA (Italy)
23.10 Naima - FORLI' (Italy)
24.10 Bluesiana - VELDEN (Austria)
26.10 Smuget - OSLO (Norway)
28.10 Nord Wind - BARI (Italy)
29.10 Rockaway - MACERATA (Italy)
30.10 Borderline - PISA (Italy)
31.10 Il Peocio - TROFARELLO/TORINO (Italy)
03.11 Jas Rod - MARSEILLE (France)
05.11 Salamandra - BARCELONA (Spain)
06.11 Teatro - LAS PALMAS (Spain)
07.11 Rytmo Y Compas - MADRID (Spain)
08.11 Sala Rockstarlive - BARKADERO/BILBAO (Spain)
10.11 Le Splendid - LILLE (France)
13.11 Le Forum - VAUREAL/PARIS (France)
14.11 Borderij - ZOETERMEER (Holland)
15.11 Bosuil - WEERT (Holland)
17.11 Spirit of 66 - VERVIERS (Belgium)
18.11 Franzis - WETZLAR (Germany)
20.11 Exit Chmelnice - PRAGUE (Czech Republic) buy ticket online: or
21.11 Kulturbastion - TORGAU (Germany)
22.11 Mega Club - KATOWICE (Poland)
24.11 Progresja - WARSAW (Poland)
26.11 Blues Garage - HANNOVER (Germany)
27.11 Hamburg Ballroom - HAMBURG (Germany)
28.11 Uhlenspiegel - LEONBERG (Germany)
30.11 Reigen - WIEN (Austria)
01.11 A38 - BUDAPEST (Hungary)
02.11 Heineken Tower Stage - BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
04.11 Stonenge - SOAVE/VERONA (Italy)
05.11 Corallo - SCANDIANO/REGGIO EMILIA (Italy)

Ben Poole: Bristol fiddlers gig mini review

The first band up on the recent Richie Kotzen gig was the Ben Poole band. The guy delivers some cool slabs of blues rock, with feeling and ability... I'll certainly be looking out for Ben in the future... as his band members said after the show "It took Ben three years to find the other players for the band with the same name ;)"

t-cophony: acoustic jam

T-cophony plays some original songs

Renat Bikchurin: acoustic exercise in hellish picking

Renat Bikchurin:
On classic guitar without nails. I know my mistakes. Still learning.
Incredible playing and picking. Still a work in progress but nearly there.

Cm prelude. J.S. Bach. Renat Bikchurin

Atanas Shishkov: orange jam... yes I know marmalade

Just decided to record my improvisation jam on this exciting backing track!

Atanas Shishkov - Rotosound Orange Jam

News: Guitarist Hub TV GAS attack!

The main site is but prepare for a GAS attack... A new youtube channel featuring cool equipment reviews, super unboxings, cool advice on technical things and long term test feedback

Create Video Intro using iMovie 09

Apple Logic Pro Effects Demo Overdrive

Milan Polak: bet you can't play this

Milan Polak:
Just kidding - of course you can... This is a string skipping/tapping/sweeping lick. Please subscribe to my channel for free lessons, licks & cool competitions!
.. look for a series of 30 top lessons from one of the top shredders around. Subscribe here:

Betcha Can't Play This - Milan Polak (one of Guitar World's 50 fastest guitarists)

Todd Rundgren: uk live date

To perform the British Premiere of
'A Wizard / A True Star'
Live in concert at the
London HMV Hammersmith Apollo
Saturday 6th February 2010

Tickets on sale 9am, Wednesday 27th May 2009
Ticket Hotline: 08700 603 777
Agency and credit card bookings subject to a fee

click for hi res

Rock'n'roll icon, guitar genius, interactive progenitor, consummate singer/songwriter and record producer Todd Rundgren, will perform his paradigm shifting 1973 album, A Wizard, a True Star (known to the cognoscenti as AWATS) in its entirety for the first time ever in Britain on Saturday February 6th 2010 at the London HMV Hammersmith Apollo, which will be Todd's only UK performance of the seminal album which is hailed as an influential masterpiece by today's new bands, including Hot Chip.

Tickets for this historic concert will go on sale at 9am on Wednesday May 27th. Tickets are priced£48.50, £45.00, £40.00, £32.00 (Agency and credit card bookings subject to a fee).

Date:Saturday 6th February 2010
Venue:London HMV Hammersmith Apollo
Tickets:£48.50, £45.00, £40.00, £32.00
Ticket Hotline:08700 603 777
Venue Box Office:08448 44 47 48
Venue Address:45 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9QH

This rare British premiere will be Rundgren's first and only UK concert since last year'sArenaalbum tour. In addition to his being a multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter and performer, Rundgren is also regarded as one of the best record producers of all time (XTC, Meat Loaf, Patti Smith Group, XTC, Grand Funk Railroad). His most recent critically acclaimed album production, 'Cause I Sez So, reunited him for the first time in 36 years with the legendary New York Dolls.

click for hi res
TODD RUNDGREN - Photo credit: © Jean Lannen

Although Rundgren's breakthrough 1972 album, Something/Anything? is considered by many to be his masterpiece, the psychedelic impact and bordering-on-disturbing innovation of the follow-up, AWATS,is arguably Rundgren's most experimental and influential album. Stand-out tracks include the International Feel, Rock & Roll Pussy, You Don't Have To Camp Around, Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel, Zen Archer and Just Another Onionhead.

About the album A Wizard, A True Star -

The album's closer, Just One Victory, has been included as an encore favorite in both Rundgren's and Utopia's live sets over the decades, but this will be the first time in Britain that he will perform the whole record live onstage, from start to finish. The first half of the concert will feature a selection of Rundgren's songs throughout his career, while the second half of the show will consist of the entirety of A Wizard, a True Star.

A Wizard, A True Star is hailed as one of the most influential and pioneering progressive rock album recordings of all time. Originally released in 1973 (the longest running album on vinyl, clocking in at nearly one hour of running time: 55:56), much of the album is an extended medley after the fashion of The Beatles' late recordings. The effect of the songs merging one into another was immediate, infectious and dazzling; the lyrical content was often at once both tongue in cheek and hallucinogenic.

Side One of the album includes a cover version of Never Never Land from the Broadway version of Peter Pan. Side Two features a legendary medley of covers of doo-wop and pop soul hits, including I'm So Proud, Ooh Baby, Baby, La La Means I Love You andCool Jerk. Arthur Wood illustrated the psychedelic cover painting that graced the original packaging.

First editions of the vinyl LP were die-cut and included a "band aid" poem written by the punk poet Pattie Smith, and a short bio about the album, as well as a postcard encouraging purchasers to send their name to be included on a poster in Rundgren's next album; the eponymous Todd.

Todd Rundgren - Biography

A Wizard, A True Star. The title of Todd Rundgren's 1973 solo album aptly sums up the contributions of this multi-faceted artist to state-of-the-art music. As a songwriter, video pioneer, producer, recording artist, computer software developer, conceptualist, and, most recently, interactive artist (re-designated TR-i), Rundgren has made a lasting impact on both the form and content of popular music.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Rundgren began playing guitar as a teenager, going on to found and front The Nazz, the quintessential '60's cult group. In 1969, he left the band to pursue a solo career, recording his debut offering, the legendary Runt. But it was 1972's seminal Something/Anything?, on which he played all the instruments, sang all the vocal parts, and acted as his own producer, that catapulted Todd into the superstar limelight, prompting the press to unanimously dub him 'Rock's New Wunderkind'.

It was followed by such landmark LPs as The Hermit of Mink Hollow A Wizard, A True Star, and the hit singles as I Saw The Light, Hello It's Me, Can We Still Be Friends, and Bang The Drum.

In 1974, Todd formed Utopia, an entirely new approach to the concept of interactive musicianship, and embarked on an extensive round of touring and recording. Standout Utopia offerings included Oops! Wrong Planet, Adventures in Utopia, and Oblivion. Along the way, Utopia combined technical virtuosity and creative passion to create music that, for millions, defined the term "progressive rock."

Rundgren's myriad production projects include albums by Patti Smith, Cheap Trick, Psychedelic Furs, Meatloaf, XTC, Grand Funk Railroad, and Hall and Oates. Rounding out his reputation as rock's Renaissance Man, Rundgren composed all the music and lyrics for Joe Papp's 1989 Off-Broadway production of Joe Orton'sUp Against It (the screenplay commissioned by The Beatles for what was meant to have been their third motion picture). He also has composed the music for a number of television series, including Pee Wee's Playhouse and Crime Story.

His first studio CD of all new music in more than 10 years, Liars, was released in 2004, followed by last year's universally acclaimed Arena.

In 1998 Todd debuted his new PatroNet technology which for the first time allows fans of a musical artist to subscribe directly to the artist's musical output via the Internet. This caps a long history of groundbreaking early multimedia "firsts", including:

• 1978: The first interactive television concert, broadcast live over the Warner/QUBE system in Columbus, Ohio (the home audience chose each song in real time during the concert by voting via QUBE's 2-way operating system).

• 1978: The first live nationally broadcast stereo radio concert (by microwave), linking 40 cities across North America.

• 1979: The opening of Utopia Video Studios, a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility. The first project produced by Todd there is Gustav Holst's The Planet, commissioned by RCA SelectaVision as the first demonstration software for their new videodisc format.

• 1980: Creation of the first color graphics tablet, which was licensed to Apple and released as The Utopia Graphics Tablet.

• 1981: Time Heals, the first music video to utilize state-of-the-art compositing of live action and computer graphics (produced and directed by Todd), becomes the second video to be played on MTV (after Video Killed the Radio Star).

• 1982: The first live national North American cablecast of a rock concert (on the USA Network), simulcast in stereo to over 120 radio stations.

• 1982: The first two commercially released music videos, one of which was nominated for the first-ever Grammy awarded for "Best Short Form Video" in 1983.

• 1992: The release of "No World Order", the world's first interactive record album on CD-i. Also the first commercially available music downloads via CompuServe.

• 1994: The release of "The Individualist", the world's first full-length Enhanced CD.

• 1995: The world's first interactive concert tour. The London Forum shows were filmed and released on DVD.

• 1998: Launches PatroNet, the world's first direct artist subscription service

click for hi res
TODD RUNDGREN - Photo credit: © Jean Lannen



The American Dream"The American Dream"1969
Great Speckled Bird"Great Speckled Bird"1969
The Band"Stage Fright"1970
The Butterfield Blues Band"Live"1970
The Butterfield Blues Band"Sometimes I Feel Like Smiling"1971
Half Nelson"Half Nelson"1971
James Cotton Blues Band"Taking Care of Business"1971
Jesse Winchester"Third Down, 110 To Go"1972
Mark Moogy Klingman"Moogy"1972
Badfinger"Straight Up"1972
New York Dolls"New York Dolls"1973
Grand Funk"We're An American Band"1973
Fanny"Mother's Pride"1973
Grand Funk"Shinin' On"1974
Felix Cavaliere"Felix Cavaliere"1974
Daryl Hall & John Oates"War Babies"1974
Hello People"The Handsome Devils"1974
Hello People"Brick"1975
Steve Hillage"L"1976
Meat Loaf"Bat Out Of Hell"1977
Mark "Moogy" Klingman"Moogy II"1978
Tom Robinson Band"TRB2"1979
Rick Derringer"Guitars and Women"1979
The Tubes"Remote Control"1979
Patti Smith Group"Wave"1979
Shaun Cassidy"Wasp"1980
New England"Walking Wild"1981
Jim Steinman"Bad For Good"1981
Psychedelic Furs"Forever Now"1982
The Rubinoos"Party of Two"1983
Cheap Trick"Next Position Please"1983
Jules Shear"Watch Dog"1983
Will Powers"Dancing For Mental Health"1983
The Lords of the New Church"Live For Today"1983
Zerra"Zerra I"1984
The Tubes"Love Bomb"1985
What Is This"What Is This"1985
Hunter"Dreams Of Ordinary Men"1987
Bourgeois Tagg"Yoyo"1987
The Pursuit of Happiness"Love Junk"1988
La Ppisch"Karakuri House"1989
Jill Sobule"Things Here Are Different"1990
Hiroshi Takano"Cue"1990
The Pursuit of Happiness"One Sided Story"1990
Hiroshi Takano"Awakening"1992
Paul Shaffer"The World's Most Dangerous Party"1993
12 Rods"Separation Anxiety"2000
Bad Religion"The New America"2000
New York Dolls"Cause I Sez So"2009

Todd Rundgren - Official MySpace Page

Todd Rundgren – Official Site

Jonathan Kreisberg: guitar player daily interview

Jonathan Kreisberg Interview:
AAJ: When you were 16 you were admitted to the New World School of the Arts in Miami. Can you talk about how this experience changed you both musically and personally?

JK: It was definitely a big change on both levels. There were some really talented people there who were already delving deep into the jazz tradition. I came along with plenty of creativity and chops, but basically got a major wakeup call in regards to the importance of knowing the jazz language. It was really good for me as a player. I had a great teacher named J.B. Dyas, who helped me structure my practicing and shifted my focus to learning tunes and absorbing the jazz language.
full interview

Carl Verheyen: tour dates

KUDOS guitar player daily

Guitar Virtuoso CARL VERHEYEN Performs
Limited West Coast Engagements Starting November 13th in Seattle, WA

New CD Trading 8s Out and Available at

HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 12, 2009) – Carl Verheyen is embarking on a limited run of tour dates on the West Coast. The 24-year guitar veteran of multi-platinum band SUPERTRAMP, who was recently honored as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time (Classic Rock magazine,) is showcasing his amazing abilities on a limited run of west coast shows. The Carl Verheyen Band is a highly-regarded group of top players including bassist Dave Marotta and drummer Walfredo Reyes, Jr. The sound created by these master musicians blends rock, blues, jazz and country seamlessly.

The Carl Verheyen Band is touring in support of Trading 8s, Verheyen’s tenth studio album to date. The new release is an impressive musical collection that showcases his endless talents in collaboration with some of the world’s finest guitarists.

West Coast U.S. Dates:

11/13/09: Seattle, WA The Woodshed - 8:00pm show
11/14/09: Harbor, WA San Juan Island Community Theater -7:30pm show
11/15/09: Harbor, WA San Juan Island Community Theater- 10:00am clinic
11/16/09: Portland, OR Jimmy Mak's - 7:00pm clinic - 8:00pm show
11/17/09: Redding, CA Bernie’s Guitars - 8:00pm show
11/18/09: Mill Valley, CA Throckmorton Theater - 8:00pm show
11/19/09: Salinas, CA Wise Music – 7:00pm clinic
11/20/09: Monterey, CA Planet Gemini - 8:00pm show
11/21/09: Los Angeles, CA Baked Potato - 9:00pm show
11/22/09: Carlsbad, CA Schulman Auditorium - 2:30pm show

David Gilmour: gets a degree

Pink Floyd's electric guitar player to get honorary degree. David Gilmour is to be handed an honorary degree by Anglia Ruskin University. The 63-year-old Pink Floyd star will be made an honorary doctor of the arts at a special ceremony next month, the Cambridge News reports. According to the university, the honour is being awarded in recognition of his "outstanding contribution to music as a writer, performer and innovator". Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1968 and appeared on seminal records such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. This is the latest feather in the cap of the noted Fender guitar player, who already has a CBE and countless music accolades. Although Gilmour now performs primarily as a solo artist, he took part in what was widely viewed as one of the most memorable moments of the Live 8 event in 2005 when he reunited with his former Pink Floyd colleagues.
full post

Dylan Burcombe: shred the we 2 winner!

I, Dylan Burcombe, am shredding a sweet guitar solo. It placed first in Guitar World's Shred the Web II contest!!! its pretty awesomely insane!! check out for some of my music.

Insane Shred Guitar Solo (Shred The Web II Winner)

Derek Sherinian: relocator

Relocator debut album coming this November. Featuring Derek Sherinian on keyboards (ex-Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol, Planet X)

The self-titled debut CD by international progressive project Relocator will be released in November 2009.

Influenced by both modern and classic artists like UK, Planet X, Rush and Allan Holdsworth, Relocator have developed their own purely instrumental style. After a transformation from an unstable "full" local band into an international project, Relocator are finally about to deliver their long-overdue first album that is as uncompromising in its progressive approach as it is melodic and accessible.

Adding his distinctive keyboard style to the Relocator debut is special guest star Derek Sherinian. Derek played with rock legends Kiss and Alice Cooper even before really stepping into the spotlight during his four years with progressive metal titans Dream Theater. More recently he has become known for a string of exciting solo albums, each featuring some of the world's most famous guitarists, and for his live and studio work with Billy Idol and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Instead of just contributing a few guest solos, Derek Sherinian has recorded all keyboard parts for the album. Derek's experience with the self-proclaimed "sickest instrumental band in the world", Planet X, makes his style a perfect fit for the music. "We are thrilled to have Derek's amazing array of modern keyboard sounds featured on our album!", says guitarist and main composer Stefan Artwin. "The original 2008 album that never got finished would have featured just a few Derek Sherinian solos over tracks with MIDI keys and mostly synth bass. So when we decided to re-approach the material, getting Derek involved more extensively was one of the steps we took to take the music to a new level."

Another step was to enlist the talents of Dutch drummer Frank Tinge from the band Superbug. "We wanted someone who could not only play this kind of challenging music with its twists and turns, but who would also show some real enthusiasm for our musical style", says bassist Michael Pruchnicki. "Frank was my first idea and he turned out to be the perfect choice!"

Self-described "rock violinist" Bartek Strycharski became the last addition to the project. "With Frank and Derek on board the music became heavier, so we wanted to have some acoustic elements as a balance to all the spacey progressive parts", Pruchnicki explains. "One idea was to have Frank play some African percussion on one track. The other was to add Bartek's electric violin as another expressive instrumental voice. He's one of the most talented and natural musicians I have ever met and his playing really added a new dimension to our music."

The self-titled Relocator debut will be available directly from the band as CD or digital download, other distribution channels will be announced soon.

A five minute sample medley from the upcoming Relocator debut album is now available: Relocator Sample Medley 1

A second medley showcasing the talents of electric violinist Bartek Strycharski will be released later this month.