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Olivier Castellat: blues fusion II

blues fusion groov

Amy Schugar,Karl Bourdin: Master Of Shred Episode 4

Masters Of Shred Episode 4:
Guitar shredding and instrumentals! A show for any rock/metal fan who appreciates the art of guitar shredding. In this episode we feature Allan Davey; Guy Onraet; The Groove Mine; KB; first time featured on the show female guitarist Amy Schugar; and special guest Metal Gunz from Singapore. In this episode the featured guitarists asked to answer the question -what is 'to shred'? Interestingly, every shredder has his own version of what is to shred. We feature an exclusive interview with Allan Davey and talk about his new album 'Medicine Man' as well as previewing some of songs. Additionally, we present Guy Onraet from South Africa, who is just released his first solo shred album. With us are The Groove Mine (US) and KB (FR) who have been featured in past episodes and some very interesting comments on how they go about writing music and what is shredding for them. We talk about our fellow podcasters Zsentient MetalCast Radio and Horned Cast from Mexico, and feature a promo from each. Shredding; interviews; lots of music and some spooky stuff as well; check it out it's THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING SHRED!

Scott Lerner: Guitar Improv Montage

Scott Lerner Guitar Improv Montage

Scott Lerner | MySpace Video

Shane Gibson: SchwarZenatoR... debut performance... he'll be back!

SCHWARZENATOR makes their Debut Live Performance at The Key Club in Hollywood, December 7th!!!
that's right, december 7th, live with the amazing Steel Panther! let me know if you'd like to go......
email me at

thanks friends.

Greg Howe: NAMM 2009

Can't believe I missed these

Greg Howe at NAMM 2009 pt.1

Greg Howe at NAMM 2009 pt.2

Greg Howe at NAMM 2009 pt.3

Greg Howe pt.4

Damir Puh: on facebook... join him

Damir Puh

as we remember the super cool Subway Bandit give me a riff entry

Damir Puh - "Give me a riff" competition entry (Got honorable mention)

Steve Vai: MI keynote speech

Fall 2009 Graduation with keynote speaker Steve Vai

Richie Kotzen: Live at "Il Peocio", Trofarello (Italy) - 31/10/2009

Thanks to Michelle Holland for spotting these: Richie Kotzen: Live at "Il Peocio", Trofarello (Italy) - 31/10/2009

Richie Kotzen - Remember

Richie Kotzen - High

Richie Kotzen - Doing What The Devil Says To Do

Tom Hess: how to make a great guitar solo

How To Make A Great Guitar Solo
Tom Hess

It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it.

There are lots of ways to make guitar solos. Most guitarists focus on ‘what to play’ versus ‘how to play things’. Fact is, the nuances of phrasing (‘how’ the notes are played) often matter MORE than the notes we actually play. How many times have you heard someone play a solo ‘without’ much emotion? Often there was nothing wrong with their choice of notes. The solo lacked emotion and interest because the ‘phrasing’ was weak.

Guitar Phrasing is the most important aspect to creating great guitar solos, yet very few guitar players learn to develop this key element of their guitar playing.

One of the best things you can do to make better guitar solos is to carefully study your favorite singers. In the late 1990s, I began to study the vocal styles of my favorite singers. I learned to play on guitar every little nuance of their vocal phrasing and vibrato… and most importantly, the ‘musical contexts’ in which they made various phrasing and vibrato choices when singing. Singers cannot do many of things that we can do on the guitar, but they can naturally and effortlessly do things that are not common (but are still possible) to do on the guitar.

Listen to your favorite singers and notice the difference between their vocal phrasing (‘how’ they sing notes and phrases) and your guitar phrasing (‘how’ you play your notes and phrases). Then listen carefully to how these singers construct their phrases and compare that to how you create your guitar solos. When you really pay attention to this, you will probably make some very cool and powerful observations. This can be one of the best guitar solo lessons you can ever have. It can be a real eye (and ear) opening experience that can lead you to discover MANY new ideas that you can use to make you’re your own great guitar solos.

Here are three things you can learn and implement into your playing immediately so that you can consistently make better guitar solos.

Delayed Vibrato: Listen to how many singers sing a note (without vibrato at first) and then begin to apply vibrato to it a few moments later. The vast majority of guitar players don’t do this when soloing; instead they apply the vibrato immediately to the note. Although this can also sound good, it gets old to always immediately apply vibrato when you use it. So play a note on your guitar, let it ring out naturally (without vibrato) for a moment, then apply vibrato to it. In addition to creating a more ‘vocal style of guitar playing’ you may also notice that the note you just played sustains longer. (more on this in the video below).

Movement between notes: As you know, when playing notes on a piano there is no ability to ‘bend’ notes. Singers frequently ‘bend’ notes in both directions (up or down in pitch), although downward ‘bent’ notes are more common in most vocal styles. Guitar players frequently bend notes, but 99% of the time they only bend notes ‘up’ (in pitch).

(more on this in the video below).

Intuitive Emotional Expression: Singers often manipulate tension and dissonance intuitively. They might sing the 9th of a chord because it makes a very specific emotional feeling. Most (non jazz) guitar players would naturally play the root while making a guitar solo (especially at the end of a phrase). This happens because guitar players typically are thinking about patterns and scale positions. And thus the ear is conditioned to ‘find the consonant notes’ when beginning and ending phrases while creating (or improvising) guitar solos. Singers don’t have ‘patterns’ and ‘positions’ to think about. They are only focused on their intuition - the emotion of each note they sing. This results in more natural options for the singer (compared to many ‘inexperienced’ guitar players) particularly at the beginnings and endings of phrases.

Watch the video below to see exactly what I’m talking about and hear a live demonstration of each.

To get more help with your guitar playing check out my 10 Free Guitar Solo Tips.

About the author: Tom Hess is a professional guitarist and teaches electric guitar lessons online.

COMPETITION: Boss US guess the riff competition!

Grand Prize Wins Four Autographed Pedals and $1,000 in BOSS Gear

Los Angeles, CA, November 2, 2009 — BOSS is giving the tone freaks everywhere the chance to win autographed BOSS pedals by top guitar heroes and $1,000 in BOSS gear with The Big BOSS Giveaway.

To enter, contestants should visit, listen to the featured riff, and pick out the BOSS Distortion or Overdrive pedal that is used to make that particular tone.

The riff will change every two weeks, and a different signed BOSS pedal from a famous guitar hero will be given away, as well as $1,000 in BOSS gear. In addition, a grand prize of $1,000 in BOSS gear and one signed pedal from each of the four guitar heroes will be given to any contestant who enters the contest between November 1 and December 31, 2009. Contestants can enter once every two-week period, giving them up to five chances to win.

The Big BOSS Giveaway Prize Lineup:

Grand Prize

One signed pedal for each guitar hero (four in all) and $1,000 in BOSS gear
Biweekly Prizes
11/1/09–11/14/09Dave Navarro signed DS-1 and $1,000 in BOSS gear
11/15/09–11/30/09Frank Gambale signed TU-2 and $1,000 in BOSS gear
12/1/09–12/15/09Yngwie Malmsteen signed NS-2 and $1,000 in BOSS gear
12/16/09–12/31/09Lincoln Brewster signed DN-2 and $1,000 in BOSS gear

Contest eligible in the U.S. only. For more information, visit

Torben Enevoldsen: Acacia Avenue

Wow this looks like a great new vehicle. Torben Enevoldsen has an amazing picking technique and his song writing is highly melodic... combine that with Tony Mills vocals is sure to be AOR guitar heaven!

Lion Music is pleased to announce the signing of Acacia Avenue for their self titled debut album set for release on Lion Music in January 2010.

Led by Danish guitarist and songwriter Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force) the initial idea for the album came about from Torben writing in a more melodic hard rock nature than his other bands. Quickly the idea emerged to do a whole album in this style but to spice things up Torben called in a few good friends to participate as singers and co-writers.

Tony Mills (TNT, Shy) was the first to join in and together they wrote and recorded“Don’t Call Me Tonight” and “Wait No More”. Geir Rönning (Radioactive, Prisoner) began writing with Torben immediately after and together they penned the songs“Hold On”, “No Looking Back” and “Digging”. Enevoldsen wrote the rest of the songs by himself, but Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell) wrote the lyrics for “Just Wanna Be With You” and sang vocals on “Can’t Make You Stay” and the Japanese bonus track“Cold”. Finally Lars Säfsund (W.O.A.) performed the vocals on “An Illusion”.

Apart from playing all guitars, bass and keyboards on the album, Torben Enevoldsen sang backing vocals on a few songs and also did the lead vocals on “Jamie´s In Love” and “Let Go”. Thomas Heintzelmann (Section A, Decoy) played drums and Carsten Neumann (Savage Affair) helped out with the bass.

Acacia Avenue is sure to please fans of strong hard melodic rock with each track being home to catchy vocal melodies, strong instrumentation and a crisp clean production.

Full information to follow soon.

Darren Donohoe: guitar lesson

Darren Donohoe:
Heys guys just a quick lesson on 3 licks i put together. Make sure to check out all 3!!! :)

Darren Donohoe Lesson (3 Licks)

Chunk: Music box competition!

burned out golfer says:
This is my next door neighbor and good friend Chunk's entry into the competition. The cheap digital camera mic doesn't do his playing the justice He deserves. He gets a nice tone from his Fender twin reverb amp and his gretsch guitar. He has been putting up with my shredding noise for two years! Thanks to all! Keep Shredding!

music box competition entry- Chunk

Osman Cenan Cigil: Milan's TRex monster competition

Milan Polak's T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition Entry by Osman Cenan CIGIL

Toni Waka: Milan's TRex monster

Freaking awesome time to be a shredding guitarist! More competitions than you can shake a stick!

Enter: Milan Polak: T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition!! Ends 07-12-2009

Here's another beauty!

T REX Competition Entry

Tim Morrison: strings on fire - first response

Yes... first response posted, well done to Tim Morrison! Super hot backing track... awesome new competition!

In case you missed the rules:

YES IT's LIVE!!! Smoking Chris Feener backing track!

(Original backing track by Chris Feener)


1. add your name to the title
2. turn up the volume of the backing track (almost as loud as your solo)
3. find a fitting melody and make it sound good!


Video entry and audio entry (audio track with slideshow)


All entries will be valued based on composition, technique and sound.

Tim Morrison - strings on fire competition entry

Borislav Mitic: The Absolute track break downs!

Exclusive track by track for the new Borislav Mitic album "The Absolute" out on December 4th 2009.

(The everlasting search for absolute perfection within ourselves and in the world we live in)
The opening track is a fast double kick drum Neoclassical song that absolutely demonstrates what the style of Borislav Mitic is all about – classy arrangements, elegant arpeggios, lightning fast but meaningful guitar runs.
(The question that many ask but seldom find the answer)
It’s a song that is stepping into Thrash and Doom Metal territory but with melodic lead guitars and ripping wah solos.
(The things in front of our eyes that remain hidden from us – always so close yet endlessly far like Good and Evil)
A very moody track that brings out Balkan music influences in combination with crushing metal riffs. The solo takes off in a modal legato style which Borislav performs with grand mastery.
(However different and “individual” the illusion of reality around us appears to be it is made of the same matter and same energy thus – the same is in all)
This is a fast “driving” song with a catchy strong melody and brilliantly orchestrated harmony guitars. The solo section is a “question and answer” duel with Borislav handling both parts. The song ends with a blazing pentatonic style solo.
(Penitent, passionate or profound… Easy to make and easy to break)
The song kicks off with brutal downtuned riffs followed with delicately structured arpeggiated melody. The solos on this track are possibly the wildest on the whole album.
(Everyone is motivated by a hope of a prize of some kind in this lifetime… The deities of all faiths seem to promise it all the time but which one can deliver? The decision is yours to make)
An 80’s LA style riff opens the track full of rock antics. The solo takes off in a bluesy way and then enters into some two hand tapping bravado.
(Humanity has always relied on the “chosen ones” to lead the way. But who chooses these people? Do they choose themselves or is it destiny? If you are one of them you will know the answer…)
The seventh track brings forth Middle Eastern influences mixed up with Neoclassical styling and heavy riffs. The solo is full of Borislav’s trademark signature hot licks.
(Glory is what many of us fight for. This is also the meaning of my first name in Serbian language…)
A fast energetic rocker song with almost a Flamenco vibe to it. The melody and harmony guitars are made to emphasize the architecture of the chord progression. Solo section is a non stop rollercoaster ride.
(We must always choose a path that we follow be it the right one or the wrong one)
This is a slower tempo Neoclassical song. It has some heavy riffing leading into a melancholy emotional melody which transforms into beautifully arranged arpeggio section.
(Wine is strong a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but the truth conquers all)
The closing track is a classic “true Metal” type of song. It is also the only one on the album to include some acoustic rhythm guitar work. The melody is simple but the solos are burning. The ending solo is a testimony to Borislav’s ability to play “heroic” pentatonic style lead extravaganzas!

Julian Puttins, Herman Li - Petruccifever STRINGS ON FIRE!

YES IT's LIVE!!! Smoking Chris Feener backing track!

(Original backing track by Chris Feener)


1. add your name to the title
2. turn up the volume of the backing track (almost as loud as your solo)
3. find a fitting melody and make it sound good!


Video entry and audio entry (audio track with slideshow)


All entries will be valued based on composition, technique and sound.

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest

News: guitar hub Cornell Romany review posted

We have got a review of the Cornell Romany, it's an amazing handmade 10 watt amp for the home and studio.

Alex Hutching: more new blues jam tracks!


A brand new Alex Hutchings package, with audio and video solos, backing tracks, extended jam tracks and 100% accurate Tab... your guitar will melt, closely followed by your BRAIN!

Check out for the latest news!

Alex Hutchings - March of the Machines

Alex Hutchings - Beyond the Quay

Eric Johnson: harmony central interview

In this multi part interview from 2007, Guitarist Eric Johnson discusses music, his guitars, amps, effects and inspiration.

Eric Johnson Interview Intro

Eric Johnson Signature Strat

Dave Martone: Milan Lucky Music clinic

Martone Guitar Clinic Sponsored by EKO Music Group and Lucky Music 2009