Chris Feener: Shred With Somebody Else’s Body Challenge

Chris Feener: - REVISIONS EP (May 15) Cameo by Satchel from Steel Panther

Chris Feener: BULLETPROOF - Revisions EP incoming

Chris Feener: NGD Jam - Feener on fire - '98 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Chris Feener: Punishment smoking Guest Solo for Justin Bonfini

Chris Feener: qyn - Riff Writing Process

Chris Feener: monster guitarist is back with Qyn (pronounced cain)

Chris Feener: Sonny's Dream a Tribute to Ron Hynes - Instrumental Rendition

Chris Feener: Afternoon Jammin' - Feener time... hitting all the right notes - enjoy!

Chris Feener: Andy James Guitar Academy Dream Rig Competition - surely we have a winner here?!

Chris Feener: Ibanez RG8570z-BBE - On fire!!!

Jeremy Krull,Chris Brooks,Chris Feener,Terry Syrek: (de)Tested Release Date - MUST HAVE RELEASE

Chris Feener: New Project Line-Up Announcement

Chris Feener: Preproduction Demo (RIFFS!) - 2014 Solo Project

Chris Feener: Salt Water Joys - great cover

Chris Feener: Yngwie Malmsteen - Anguish And Fear

Chris Feener, Tom Quayle, Steve Hubbard, Rick Graham, Sean Conklin: and more at

Chris Feener: Hey everyone. I've been practicing this like CRAZY over the past couple weeks. I've been really interested in improving my economy picking technique, and this was an excellent exercise to help in that process. Tab here:

Chris Feener: Fall Of Man Solo - Peavy 5150 Demo

Chris Feener: Fireplacey Christmas - the bloopers!