Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mattias IA Eklundh: collection

Teargas Jazz from the Freak Kitchen album Land of the Freaks, feat. V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera and Neyveli S Radhakrishna on double violin. Shot in New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Panjim, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bucharest and Gothenburg.

Freak Kitchen - Teargas Jazz

Freak Kitchen - Taste My Fist & Chopstick Boogie

Freak Kitchen - Vaseline Bizniz & Samba Caramba

Freak Kitchen will be at Monkeyfest 2010


Mattias Eklundh & Freak Kitchen are booked for Monkey Fest

Allan Holdsworth: May 4, 2008

Allan Holdsworth: May 4, 2008

Alex Machacek: UKZ

Final song(s) from the debut concert. UKZ from their One City World Tour. Welcome back Eddie Jobson!! 30 Years is a great name for a song, but far too long to wait to see you again. Thank You!

UKZ-"Caesars Palace Blues/Sahara of Snow ptII"-Jan. 24, 2009

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: G3 2007

Paul Gilbert Scarified G3 2007 G307

Paul Gilbert The Curse Of Castle Dragon G3 2007 G307

Francesco Cappiello: tribute to Shawn Lane - get you back

Shawn Lane GET YOU BACK(version 2 live)

Damir Puh: fan club on facebook

Damir Puh is a gigging and recording artist and guitar instructor, based in
Tetovo - Macedonia:

News: the MS-2, micro amp with a punch

Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp

The Marshall MS-2 is a micro amp aimed at the bedroom and busking guitarist.

Marshall MS-2
9v battery or mains
Clean and OD
Headphone jack
Belt clip
Price - around £25

full review

Rokas Jackūnas: Milan's competitions

hi. my mane is Rokas. i'm 18 years old guitarist from Lithuania. this is my "Milan Polak T-rex monster pedal" competition entry. hope you like it ;)

gear used:
ESP ltd h-50
Boss gt-8
Marshall avt-50x
Olympus fe-45

Rokas Jackūnas - MilanPolak T-Rex monster pedal competition entry

hi guys! it's Rokas again. i think that megamarshall competition is for german people only, but i can't read german so i decided to enter it :D it was fun to jam on mr.Polak song. so hope you like this :)

gear used:
ESP ltd h-50
Boss gt-8
Marshall avt-50x
Olympus fe-45

some tunes:

Rokas Jackūnas - MegaMarshall competition entry

Paul Gilbert: VIP lessons return in January 2010

Metalichika posts:
Fresh from a Eurasian tour with Mr. Big, American rock guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert will be offering VIP guitar lessons in southern California (one mile from the NAMM convention center in Anaheim, CA: you do NOT need a NAMM badge to take the lessons) for two days this coming January.

Students must pre-register to attend the lesson, so…
here are some details.

Orianthi: icon v's icon interview

Have you had a ‘Spinal Tap Moment’ on stage where something totally unexpected has happened to you?
Yeah! I used to play in a cover band from when I was about fifteen until I was about twenty in Adele. We used to play two or three nights a week, Top 40 stuff. We played a wedding one time out in the country. This one guy was really drunk and poured his beer into the fold-back and the wedges, the power went out and he fell. During his fall he hit the mic which bruised my lip and he fell into the bass drum! [laughs] That was very… dramatic! [laughs] It is kinda funny looking back on it but it wasn’t funny at the time. But yeah, I try not to trip over chords, especially when I am wearing high heels. It was a challenge running up in wedges for the ‘This Is It’ show. I was thinking the whole time that I was going to land on my butt! [laughs] As a guitar player, I don’t know if we have the best sense of direction but trying to find the stage with the band is sometimes a challenge! Definitely Spinal Tap! [laughs]
full interview

Steve Vai: accordion is the way to start

"Steve reaveals the first record he heard that made him want to become a musician, as well as how he switched over from playing accordian to guitar".

Steve Vai CBS Interview - Getting Started

Francesco Cappiello: tribute to Shawn Lane - rice with angels

Not an easy track to cover but Francesco Cappiello does a great job.

Shawn Lane-Jonas Hellborg-Sipe- Rice with the Angels (by Francescomusik)

Cat Ginjineko: tracks available for purchase

You can buy tracks online on Cat's web store

Download sale of my album "World" is available